Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Few More Blocks!

I got a little bit of sewing done this evening, not alot but at least I got a few things done. This morning after I got the boys on the school bus, I fed the horses and chickens and it was rather cold. When I came back in, I had a chill so I jumped back in the bed to warm up.....I woke up at 11:30am!! I did not mean to fall asleep just warm up. So that really put me behind on everything today, I had to rush and clean the house, cleaned up my sewing area, so that I could find things, and fixed dinner. We had BBQ chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob, peas, and cornbread.

Tomorrow is Trick-or-treat night in town and Hunter wants to be a soldier!! Richard was a Marine and Hunter is so facinated about the Military! He drives me crazy watching the Military Channel! I think it is great that he is so interested in it but I just can't handle watching the Military Channel 24/7. Anyway, I made him a treat bag, to go with his camo clothing that he will be wearing. Very simple, probably 20 minutes total!

Here is a Civil War Diary block that I finished also, this one is called "Mud Hole", This makes me 68 blocks done on this quilt, and only 53 more to go!

Also I did another Nearly Insane block, actually this a pair of setting triangles! I LOVE this quilt! I joined the block of the week for the Nearly Insane, so I think that will keep me from getting burned out on it. I now have 13/98 blocks done on this one.

I recieved a package from my friend Lisa today, more blues for my quilt!!!! I am keeping a list of all people that have sent blue fabrics to me and plan on adding their names to my label that I add to the back of it when finished.

I'm off, I think I will try to get anothe block in before bedtime.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Books and Fabrics

Don't you just love when you find money!!!! Actually, this morning mom wanted me to go to Paintsville with her, so I was changing purses and I am sooooo bad to leave junk in them when I switch purses. So the one that I wanted to carry today, I had not used since right after Christmas of last year. So what did I find????? A Walmart gift card that I had gotten for Christmas last year with $25 on it!!! I was sooooooooooo pleased. So we went to Walmart and I went straight to the fabric. Now, I had not bought anything quilty for a few months, because of Richards job, so I was excited. They had a new "Quilt Of the Month" pattern out for November and I just LOVED the fabrics, so at $2 per yard, I was able to get enough to make the quilt!!! It felt great to get new fabric but it will be a while before I get to buy anymore!!

Later we went to the bookstore and I did actually spend cash there. I know the other was a gift card but, I'm talking actual cash. Like I said I had not bought anything for myself for a while so it felt good. The bookstore that we go to has new and used books, we trade our used books in for more used books so we always have plenty to read and it doesn't cost anything. But their new books are usually cheap. I bought 3 new quilting books for $10. Here they are! I really want to make the Biblical quilt and I love the colors that they used in the cover photo.

I had another wonderful day spending time with Mom, I just dread it when she leaves for work again. I think she leaves in a couple of weeks. :( She will have to work through Thanksgiving but will be home again for Christmas!!! I am going to cook Thanksgiving dinner here at my house this year and invite my sister to dinner. We usually have Thanksgiving dinner at mom's.

Hunter recieved a trophy for football today!!! He is so proud of it! Now he wants to fill his room with trophies! He has some from the horse shows but this is his first sports trophy!

I think I will sew tonight after everyone goes to bed! I have not had a chance to do any sewing today!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Progress

This is what I accomplished this weekend! 6 more blocks for my Civil War Diary quilt! This makes me 67 blocks so I need 54 more on this quilt!! I really enjoyed making these 6 blocks.

I am going to try to sit down and cut all of my sashing strips and square for my Love Letter blocks that I just finished. I really need to get the top together. It feels really good to have all of those blocks done.

I have 2 of the Nearly Insane (my blue quilt) ready to sew. I love the selections of blues that everyone has sent to me. This will be another one of my long term projects! :) I have done so much paper piecing lately, I hope I remember how to do the other type of piecing! :) I have several large projects going at the sametime but I am really enjoying them.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Last Week and a half!!!!

My last 11 blocks are finished! I finally have all 121 Civil War Love Letter blocks finished!!!! Now, I just have to do the sashings!!! :( I know that I am so close to having this top finished but I think I will work on some other projects before I jump in and finish the sashings. I just need a break from so much Pinks and Browns. Don't get me wrong, I love the color combination that I used but after 121 blocks of the same colors, I get a little tired of seeing so much of it. But it does feel great to have the done.

I also started working back on my Civil War Diary quilt! I had 55 of those blocks done before I stopped and started the Love Letter quilt. So now I have done 6 more of those for a total of 61, I am halfway done with this one, since I need a total of 121 blocks for it too. This one I am doing in different colors of Civil War Repros. I am loving this quilt too.

I have been recieving several packages of blue fabrics in the mail to add to my Nearly Insane quilt!!! I am getting a good varity of blues to use so I will start making more of those blocks. I figure that I will work on it at the sametime that I work on my CWD quilt, that way I will not get so burned out on them. Quilters are some of the nicest people that I know! I have recieved blue fabrics from....Sharon, Nancy, Kris, Cindy, Trish, Gina, Adris, and Chantal (not my sister but a wonderful quilter from Belgium) Thank you all for the fabrics!!! I promise I will put them to good use!!!!!

And last but not least we had a terrible thing happen last weekend!!! Now you all know that I live out in the middle of nowhere and my mom and sister lives on the property that connects to mine. I can't see her house from mine but I can walk through the woods and be there in about 4 minutes. Anyway, we are very secluded here. Anyway, mom and Chantal have two outside dogs that they keep in two seperate fences. They are those 10x12 chainlink fence things for dogs. Now these two dogs were great dogs, very friendly and Liddy was some type of terrier and Reese was a mix breed but they were both smaller dogs...anyway, Chantal called and said she went out to feed and Liddy got up and started walking toward her and fell over and started jerking like she was having a siezure. She got her out and brought her inside, all the vets at this time were closed, Liddy, had suffered like this for several hours before she passed away. She had bitten her tongue until she had blood everywhere and even bit mom. Richard went out there and he said, she had all the symptoms of rabies but not the foaming from the mouth. Liddy had died that night and then they noticed that Reese was doing the samething. Now, Reese had a litter of puppies that were 3 weeks old. But the only difference in Liddy and Reese, Reese was foaming at the mouth. So we started to panic!!!! Reese and her 5 puppies died that night. 7am on Sunday morning, the vet called, he said to bring Liddy's body in so that they could test for rabies!!!!! We really started to panic because mom had been bitten!!!! So anyway, in the end we got the results back on Wednesday, and it was NOT rabies, but ANTI-FREEZE POISONING!!!! We were just totally shocked and very MAD!!! That someone would do that to those dogs, like I said, we live out in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbors but each other and to think that someone had to come on her property to poisoned those poor dogs!!! Then we got to thinking....Our Fred, the bassethound passed away not too long ago, although we were not with him when he died, but I can't help but wonder if he died from the samething!!!! Now I worry about my horses!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm Back!!!!!

I'm finally up and going!!!! I sure have missed everyone, Richard has been teasing me that you all would forget me by the time the phone and internet was fixed! :) This morning, mom and I went to Ashland and we met the phone company truck as we were pulling out! I was so excited that they were going to fix it! I guess this is one of the drawbacks of living out in the middle of nowhere! Mom's phone and internet worked but not mine, but mine comes in from a different direction. So they had to replace the line from the pole at the road and then down to the house.

Now that I am back, expect several posts for the next few days!! So, what have I been doing???? Sewing and spending lots of time with Mom!!! Speaking of mom, last week she had to go get her card renewed for work and she took me out for lunch!!! I know there are a ton of photos of this place but it was just sooooo cool!!! It is called Hillbilly Hotdogs! I has even been on the foodnetwork show, Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives!

I know for some, it may look nasty but they have their health department inspection sheets posted right out front for all to see and I will have to say that they have scored in the high 90's ever since they opened!!! It is such an amazing place and the food it GREAT! And when you leave a tip, he starts singing a song, something about wienies and plays the harmonica! We had a wonderful time and I want to take the boys down there soon, I think they would really enjoy it. They have a basket of sharpie markers and they tell everyone to sign SOMETHING!!

Last Saturday, Hunter had a flag football game! Here are a couple of photos from that! If you look close in the one, you will see one of the players laying on the field! That is Hunter!!! :( He ended up being fine, I think his pride was hurt more than anything!

Oh and I have finished all of my Civil War Love Letter blocks!!!!! I will post about those later! I have also recieved more packages of blue fabrics for my Nearly Insane quilt!!!! So thank you all for those! I will post about quilty things later tonight or first thing in the morning, I need to load my photos on the computer!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Just a quick little post to let everyone know what is going on! Right now I am at my mothers house using her computer. My phone and DSL are both out!!! I called the phone company from my cell phone the other day to let them know that my phone and internet were not working, they sent a worker out to look at it and said that they needed to replace the line starting at the pole at the road and then all the way to my house!! Said it would take a few days to get everything done. I talked to them yesterday and they said it may be Thursday or Friday before it is fixed. So I am still here sewing right along. As soon as I get everything going again, I will have tons of photos to show!!!! Thanks for all the nice emails asking about were I was!!! It means alot to know that I have been missed. I will try to check back in from moms in a day or two.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

11 More to go!!!!

I have been working on my Love Letter blocks again today!!! Now I only need 11 more to go!!!!! So I am in the home stretch now!!! With 110 blocks it will take me forever to get the top sewn together! After I get this one done I think I will work more on my blue Nearly Insane and the Civil War Diary quilt.

Yesterday I was getting the laundry out of the dryer when I heard Chantal pull up, so I stopped to go talk with her, after she left this is what I found...

Donkey was asleep in the dryer, and I woke him up when I grabbed a shirt out!!!! I guess I really need to keep an eye on the dryer and double check before I turn it on!! hehehe!

Hunter had football practice this evening and has a game Saturday morning! I think Mom and Chantal are going with us to watch! I have been spending some much needed "Mommy Time" with mom the past few days. I'm sooooo glad that she is home!

Richard seems to be enjoying his new job! He didn't get home in time to make it to Hunter's practice but that was okay! Hunter understood and I told Richard that nobody expects him to make it to every practice! The good thing is, his games are on Saturdays and Richard does not work on Saturdays!

Andrew has been working on his chicken coop this evening, trying to make room for a few more chickens. He has some at his Dad's house that he wants to bring home so that he can have them all here. He takes such good care of them! I am very proud of him!