Sunday, November 15, 2020

Updating my blog???

 I'm thinking that I might start this blog up again!!!!  I've been scrolling through my old posts and missing my blog....

Monday, April 8, 2019

Lots of Progress! (Photo Heavy)

I'm made a lot of progress over the past week.  About a month or so ago I made a baby quilt as a gift.  I posted a pic of it on my blog and facebook.  My SIL's mother wanted me to make 2 of them for her as gifts for twins of her niece.  They will be 2 yrs old this summer.  I added a border on these to make them a little bigger so they could use them for several years.  
 They ended up being 52" square.
 I quilted a simple stipple on them.
 I did the binding on them Saturday morning and she picked them up Saturday afternoon.  She seemed very pleased with them. 
 I also made a few pin cushions.  :)  I did not make the pretty one with the tiny flying geese.  That one was a gift from a dear friend several years ago.  I use it all the time.  I actually made 4 but didn't get a pic of the other one.  These were all made from leftover blocks or small orphan blocks.  I filled them with crushed walnut shells.  I like the weight that it gives to them.
 I have a huge jar of vintage buttons that I picked through and used.  I want to make several more when I get a chance.  I think I would like to use some of them and also put several in a basket to display. 
 I also started a new quilt for myself.  I feel the need to work on a few things of my own between customer quilts.  I need this!!!  LOL! 
 These colors are not my usual so it's totally out of my comfy zone!  I guess that is a good thing!  My plan as of right now is 30 blocks.  I was going to do just a bunch of random fabric colors but once I started I wanted to do blues and greens. 
 By the time that I got ready for bed last night I had 10 blocks pieced.  I'll get better pics of it when the lighting is better. 
 I signed up for the Fat Quarter Shop monthly subscription of reproduction fat quarters a few months ago.  It alternates between Civil War and 1930's.  This is what I received this time.  Love them!!!
 This is the line that they are from.  It's not the whole line but just 12 each time. 
 These purples are my favorites!  I have been on a purple kick lately.  I need to make a purple quilt! 
 Other life happenings this week...  

Andrew's cash offer on the apartment building was accepted!!!!  He is very excited and this momma is very proud of all his hard work.  I'll post more details as time goes on with it.  

I was out shopping with mom and Chantal a few days ago and found a big cactus that I bought! Actually in the cart you can see two but we actually bought three.  We each got one.  I've been looking for one of these big ones for years and finally found one.  20+ years ago I had one that was over 6 ft tall.  I had over 50 houseplants.  At that time I was married to my first husband and went back to get my plants about a week after I left only to find that he had poured bleach in every one of them.  I lost them all.  The huge cactus was my favorite.  Anyway...that was a long time ago and I now have another one.  :) 
 Today my niece, Addison turns 4.  Hard to believe that.  :)  Her birthday party was Saturday.  She had a blast of course.  She owns my heart.  :)
 Here is a pic of her cake!  She had a beautiful Barbie cake and 36 cupcakes.  :)
 Hunter has been on Spring Break this past week and goes back to school today.  I will sure miss him.  I have always loved it best when everyone is home with me.  That is my "happy time" 

Oh and I didn't get pics but Richard and I were able to take another short motorcycle ride on Thursday while he was off and the weather was nice.  I think sometime in the near future we are going to get a GoPro to attach to his helmet to video some of the beautiful rides that we go on.  

Today I have a customer quilt that I need to do some repair work on and hopefully get it quilted and the binding done as well.  Fingers crossed that I get it done.  LOL!  The top belongs to a coworker of Richard's.  Her sister had purchased it for her in PA.  It's all squares and hand pieced.  Someone has washed the quilt top and it has came apart in several places.  The seam allowance is very narrow and the stitches are pretty big.  I actually worked on some of the repair work yesterday but I hope to finish it up today.  I also need to quilt and machine bind it too.  I'll post pics of it tomorrow. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Started a new one...

 Thanks for the wonderful comments on my SIL's quilt.  :)  She gave it to my brother and he loved it.  :)

I worked on my applique block.  I had it ironed to the background but hadn't stitched around it.  I got all of the green done but not the tulips yet.  After I get this first block done I will prep another.
 While I was working on the applique Richard built a grape arbor for me!!!  He is just so awesome!!!  I love it!!!
 He's still on vacation and Thursday had some nice weather so we took the motorcycle out for a little ride.  It was nice but a little windy.  We had a wonderful time.  In the pic we had stopped by the lake.  We rode about 110 miles.  Can't wait for warmer weather so we can do more riding.  :) 

 Friday we had errands to run.  Richard took his bow and had some work done on it.  He loves archery.  Picked up a few things from Sam's.  Stopped by Joann's and picked up these fabrics.  Not for any particular project but just to add to the stash.  :)  I got 1/2 yard of each.
 This came in the mail so I thumbed through it a bit after we got home.  I was tired so I really didn't feel like doing much.  I've been eyeing this book for a while.  I love the quilt!  I know that I really don't have time to start this quilt but I did do a block.  :)
 This is Block #1.  I'm not using the fabric colors suggested in the book, I'm just going to use my scraps for it.  Not in any big hurry for this quilt but I figure I could do a few blocks a week on it and eventually get it done.  As the cover of the books says, the blocks are 4x5 inches. 
 Shew...this momma is nervous.  LOL!  Andrew put in an offer on an apartment building.  It's a 3 unit building.  He has always wanted to have rental property even as a child.  He is now 26 and works 100+ hours a week.  He has been working hard for this.  Praying that the Lord will guide him in the right direction with this.  Right now the building is full with tenants but he may end up living in the smaller unit and continue renting out the other 2 apartments.  Not sure yet.  Anyway he put in an offer and now we wait...

Today I hope to work on a couple Lori Holt blocks and maybe another Anthology block.  Oh and maybe work on the purple tulip applique.  I don't like much finishing up that block.  I also have a customer t-shirt quilt that I need to work on.  I am so grateful for the customer work but I'm feeling a tad burned out right now.  I'm sure that will pass.  All that I can think about is wanting to work on something of my own.  LOL!