Monday, January 22, 2024

Exciting News!!!! I opened a Quilt Shop!!!!

 Exciting News!!!!  I opened an online quilt shop!!!!  The Quilted Mule!!!  It's been a dream for a while, and I did it!  Currently, it is online only.  I want to offer quality fabric at affordable prices.

I just opened it a couple of weeks ago, so it's not fully stocked yet.  I will be adding new items weekly so please keep checking back often.  Currently, I only have fabric, but I will be adding more fabric, patterns, kits, notions, etc.  

All orders will ship out the following business day!  

FREE GIFT with purchase of $50 or more.  

Here are a few of the fabrics that I have in stock.  It's not all so please check out the website.  

That is just a small section of the fabrics that I have.  I have more on the way!

This is something that I have prayed and prayed about.  

Thursday, December 28, 2023

On the design wall...

I got half of the shirt blocks up on the design wall.

I'm sure I will move some around before I start sewing them together.  In the end it will be 84x96.  Do you think it needs a sashing or just like this?  I have a million men's shirts!  I really need to put them to good use.  I think I have 3 large totes full.  A little thrift store in town has all you can fit in a trash bag for $6.  I usually get all that I can find that are good quality which is around half a bag.  

I think I will take the Christmas tree down tomorrow.  I love Christmas but I'm just ready for the decor to be put away.  

A little pic of Everleigh...  she's not feeling well today.  

Back to quilting... I know that I have been working on a few UFO's lately but I think I'm ready to cut out something new!  I'm just ready for a new project.  I got a bolt of beautiful solid Poppy Red in the shop the other day.  I would really like to use it in a red and white quilt.  Nothing fancy just simple.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Men's Shirts and UFO's...

We had a wonderful Christmas with the family.  All 4 of the grandkids were here.  We are very Blessed.

I decided to work on a few more UFO's before starting something new.  I figure I will keep doing this until I get tired of them again.  :)  The first UFO that I worked on was this...

I had some of these blocks finished.  My original plan was to make a larger quilt with these but at this point I've decided to turn it into a baby quilt.  I think I figured up that I needed 16 more blocks to do that.  

A little more digging and I found another one in red.  

I'm not sure if this one will end up as a baby quilt too but maybe a little larger since I have several blocks already cut for it.  

So while deciding completely on these I worked on another one.  :)  This one I intended for it to be a huge quilt.  Blocks are made from men's shirts and a solid white background.  Blocks measure 12" finished.  My plan is for a 7x8 setting.  I needed 19 more blocks to make a total of 56.  I got those finished!!!  YAY!  I forgot to mention that all of the blocks are red, white and blue...mostly reds.

Also in the tub with these blocks was a few bow tie blocks also made from men's shirts.  I don't remember starting those but I figure I will eventually finish it up.  

I had 12 of these 8" blocks.  Maybe it will end up being a lap quilt or something.  

I'll pop back in later in the week to show you a little more progress.