Sunday, October 9, 2022

Change of quilts and craft fair...

I finally changed out my quilt behind the sofa to my Witch Hat quilt. 

I thought it would be cute to display it until Halloween.  

I also hung this wallhanging.

I also got the Denver Bronco rag quilt finished and delivered it along with the Dallas Cowboy rag quilt that I did a few weeks ago.  The customer was pleased and wants 2 more soon!  

I had my craft fair today (Saturday).  It went well!  It was a small local event but pleased with the outcome.  I have another one coming up in a few weeks.  Here are some pics from my setup today.

My sister made and sent these items.
It was 36 degrees when I got there to set up but it quickly warmed up to be very comfortable.  

After getting back home I took a nap which felt nice.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Fabric Haul and Granddaughters...

 Had to make a fabric run to Hobby Lobby!  They actually had a lot of fabric on clearance, but I tried to not overspend.  

These are two widebacks for the tshirt quilts that I am working on.

4 yards of navy flannel, 1-1/4 yard each of the orange and navy solid.  These are to go with the Denver Bronco rag quilt that I am working on for another customer.

These two I ended up with 3 yards each.  They were discounted to $3 yard.  

One yard each of these just to add to the stash.  They were also discounted to $3 yard.

 I got 1-1/2 yard of each of these.  Not even sure what I will do with them but they will just go in the stash for now.  Also discounted to $3 yard.

This is actually blue but looks sorta gray in the pic.  It was on the bolt in 2 pieces so I just took all of it.  Also $3 yard and goes into my stash.  I think there was a little over 2 yards.

Lastly these 3 prints were also $3 yard.  I got them to mix in my pinwheel quilt that I am working on for another customer. 

I was pleased with my purchases.  Some of them are what I intended to pick up for customer projects and a few extras for me.  :)

I have a craft show coming up this weekend so I have been trying to work on some embroidered rope bowls between working on quilts.  I do have the Denver Bronco rag quilt ready to snip the seams.  I will probably do that tomorrow.  I almost dread the craft show this weekend.  It is a small local event but it is outside and it is supposed to be 38 early that morning.  Wish me luck.  LOL!

Richard is going to help me set up the craft tent and tables that morning and then he will head to the sawmill to saw lumber that day and come back and help me pack back up.  He doesn't work at the hospital on the weekends.  Hunter works 16 hours and Saturdays now.  :(  I think mom, Chantal, and her kids will stop by later in the day after it warms up some.  I think Andrew has to work but Hannah and Everleigh may run by.  I hope someone stops by to give me a bathroom break.  LOL!

Now.... look at this little cutie!!!!!  This is Skylar!  Our granddaughter!  We have 4 granddaugthers.  She is Breanna's daughter.  Isn't she precious!!!!!!  She turned a year old in July.  
I sure wish they lived closer.  They are about 3 hours away and we try to visit as much as possible.  It sure is hard not seeing them everyday.  

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

So many projects....

 A few more pinwheels on the design wall.  Of course, I will not put them all up there since I need like 140+ of them.  Still many more to go.  

I'm just sewing a few at a time between other projects.  Trimming and pressing as I go.  My ironing board seems to stay full of something that needs pressed.  LOL!

I've been working on more embroidered rope bowls.  I have a craft show coming up on October 8th but I also have orders coming in right and left.  Yesterday one lady ordered 9 bowls.  

I know it looks like just a messy pile but it's all that I can do right now.  LOL!  

I have been moving from machine to machine.  I pieced the bowls on my Janome since it has a nice zigzag stitch.  The blue painters tape marks how large that I need the bottom circle to be so that it fits in the embroidery hoop.  

Then I move it to the embroidery machine.  While the embroidery machine is running and doing it's thing I am piecing pinwheels on my Juki TL2010Q.  Then after the base finishes embroidery, I then go back to the Janome and finish sewing the sides of the bowl.  So basically I am just jumping from machine to machine.  

Oh and all the while I have this shirt memory quilt spread out on the floor waiting to be sewn together.  

Oh and I also need to finish up a Denver Bronco rag quilt as soon as I clear some space to do that.  LOL!

On Monday, Everleigh, mom and I had lunch out.  Mom has to have a little procedure on Wednesday so she had to have a Covid test beforehand.  Everleigh enjoys getting out with us.  She gets a little car sick but she can't help that.  We just try to go slow and do the best we can with it.  She is doing some better with it.  She is such a good little girl and doesn't cry and fuss.  I believe her favorite food is pinto beans.  :)  

So Hunter got a haircut today!  This was his hair a few months ago

Then he went to this, which I took this pic this morning before he got it cut.

This is the end result!  Either way he is handsome and will always be my baby boy.  

And a pic of Hunter and Richard when Richard got home from work.

Oh and I will leave you with this adorable pic of my little nephew Tucker.  Chantal brought him up to play with Everleigh today.  They play so well together.  He is just the cutest little guy.

So I guess I need to close this post and get to work sewing...