Monday, May 5, 2008

A Great Day On The Layne Farm!

Hi all! Today has been a fairly nice day. For some reason I have felt better today than I have in several months! Far from perfect but pretty good! After getting the boys off to school this morning, I drove in to town. I had to stop by Richard's Grandmothers to check her cord on her dryer, she needs a different hookup than what she has. Anyway, came back home watered the horses again and cleaned a little bit in the house.

Mom came out for a few minutes, which was very nice. We just sat around and talked. I showed her my book for the Dear Jane quilt and she thought I was crazy!!! Which I knew that already :) Then Richard called on his cell to tell me he found a very good deal on a toy for the boys! I guess he just wanted to get my okay on it, but I'm sure he would have bought it anyway. So here they are playing on there new TOY!

Needless to say, they LOVED IT! It took forever to get them to park it! It is real nice, it has harness seat belts, roll cage, lights, mirrors, and even a horn and lighter (and none of us smoke) They had a blast! I was so glad that they liked it. And even hubby and I took it for a ride. Or should I say I took hubby for a ride!!!!! Anyway, it should be lots of summer fun for the boys!

Oh and here is a photo of the field down the road from the house. I just thougt it looked so pretty with all of the little yellow flowers!

Mom and I will be making the trip in to town in the morning. I have to have more bloodwork done and then I have to take Hunter by the doctor. If you remember he had surgery March 24 down on his private area. Well his stitches still haven't come out. I have called a couple of different doctors several times to see if they will take them out. They all tell me the same thing "Oh, don't worry, it make take a few months but they will come out on their own" Well, I've just never heard of them staying in this long and the skin is growing over them. And now he has little pockets of infection around several of the stitches. I counted and he still has almost 30 stitches in there!!!! So I am taking him tomorrow and I am going to DEMAND that something be done before he gets in the same shape he was before!!!

Not really any sewing today! I did work a little bit on a basket and I got all of my things out to work on my Civil War Diary quilt. Hopefully, I will make some progress on it within the next few days.


Michelle said...

Awesome, Kristie! You have been blessed with a wonderful husband and family. What fun the boys will have this summer!

I agree that you need to have Hunter looked at. Keep us updated!

Have a good day!

Andrea said...

Too right those stitches need taking out - same thing happened to my mum after an op. They left them so long it was far more of a job to get them out. Glad you're feeling a bit better.

jillytacy said...

Wow, what a great toy! No wonder they didn't want to park it! I hope everything turns out well for Hunter today. And I'm so glad you are feeling better!

Carol Van Rooy said...

The poor little guy. Don't take NO for an answer. An infection is no fun for anyone, let alone everything he's already gone through.

jillquilts said...

Great toy! I know that you and the boys (Richard included) will have a great time with it!

And I hope that things work out with teh stitches. I agree - they should come out!

Amelia said...

Great fun for all of you guys...Have fun, be careful and enjoy.

Yes, I agree Hunter's stitches should be further along than they are now.

Amelia in Oklahoma

vtquilter said...

That looks similar to a 'coot' that my BIL had a few years ago! Glad the whole family is enjoying it. Loved the picture of the field... reminds me of summer!

Cindy said...

Very coo toy! Much fun will be had with that this summer. Just please all be careful :0) Pretty field but just about did me in with my allergies when I was down there!

Guðrún said...

How lucky the boys are to get that TOY, it must be heaps of fun to drive it.