Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I guess that I got a little lazy!

Okay I know that this is not the setting in the pattern but I guess I got a little bit lazy and just didn't want to sew a bunch of sashings! :( So I sewed all of the blocks together and now I have to sew on the borders. I already have the borders cut and the binding too, but I will probably wait until tomorrow to sew them on. But in the end I am very satisfied with this quilt top! At least I used up a bunch of my 2 1/2 inch strips!!!
Richard did not have work today because we got 8 1/2 inches of snow overnight! So we are stranded up here on the hill again. I think Richard's work will be working tomorrow and he PLANS on getting up at 4:30am getting ready and walking the 1 mile down to the blacktop road and catching a ride with a friend of his. I will worry myself sick over him walking. It is supposed to be down close to ZERO tonight and he is determined to get to work tomorrow. So, if you don't care please say a little prayer for him.....or for me! I will be so nervous worrying about him.

Anyway, I guess enough of all of that! We have had another wonderful day as a family stuck up here! The boys have been out playing a lot today and Richard and I got all bundled up too and played with them! :) It was GREAT! We have a whole yard of Snow Angels! :)


Anonymous said...

I think the quilt is awesome without the sashing! Very pretty!!!
I think we may have gotten 1 inch since yesterday!! Wishing you warm weather to melt all that snow!!!

Sara said...

I love that quilt without the sashing. I think the sashing would take away from it.

I hope you stay warm and dry, we didn't get anymore "serious" snow, about an inch. I will say a prayer for Richard walking down the drive. And I also love it when we get out and play with the boys! Its so fun!

Amelia said...

Loved the seems to flow real well...the sashing would have broken it do such excellent work.

I sent up a prayer for Richard and his safety.

As much fun as the snow has been I am sure you are ready for it to melt and springtime to arrive.

Take care -


QuiltedSimple said...

Love the quilt - very striking that you can see the different patterns!

I'll say a prayer for Richard (and you)! Here's to staying safe and warm while you are stranded!


Winona said...

Kristie, your quilt is very pretty. We are supposed to have some real warm weather coming in. Maybe it will head your way. We're in Missouri. Love the thought of you all playing in the snow as a family. I have fond memories of us doing that when the kids were home. Of course, I will pray for Richard's safety and your peace of mind. Take care.

Norma said...

Hang in there, this nasty weather can't last forever. I will keep Richard and you in my prayers.

You were wise to forget the sashing. I am putting sashing with cornerstones on my "crayon box" quilt and it is taking longer to do that than it did to make all the blocks. It is laid out on the living room floor and I have it just like I want it so there it stays. We can't even walk in that room. Good thing there are just two of us. The cat goes and messes it up about once an hour!

Suzan said...

Looks great even without the sashing!

Carol said...

I love it just the way it's just beautiful. Sending lots of good thoughts!

Cindy said...

Love the quilt without sashing.

Being homebound is good family time, isn't it?

Blessings to Richard getting to work.

Babs Schmidt said...

That looks great! I have several of these blocks I started years ago and seeing this gives me inspiration to go find them and make some more.

I wish I could send some of this warm North Texas weather your way!

KyQuiltlady said...

I like your quilt without the sashing. It is so pretty! I will pray that Richard gets back home safely. Maybe it will warm up enough to melt some.

Mary said...

I love the quilt with no sashing! I headed right on over to Quiltville and found the pattern. Love it!

How's you son doing? I'm so sorry about his dog. That must have been awful for him.

I said a prayer for your husband. Hope he stays safe!

We have a steep driveway, although it is only 2/10 of a mile to the road. We're iced in right now, it's supposed to melt toady. Yay!

Calamity Jane's Cottage, Bonnie said...

You get so much quilting done and I like the quilt without the sashing. I hope your hubby makes it OK. Prayers going your way,

Guðrún said...

So the snow gives you family time :)

Tazzie said...

Wow Kristie, I love the top, and the colours are so pretty. You've done an amazing job with it.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I think that the sashing would have taken away from your quilt. It is beautiful the way it is. I wish the fog would strand us here in Lemoore.. I hate driving in the fog its so bad and people are really stupid.


Cindy said...

Looks very nice! No one will know you cheated and got lazy if you don't tell them :) LOL

Jacky O said...

I love it! I see beautiful colors everywhere I look!! No sashing just gives it a different look! I love it just like the way it is. I want to make one so bad!! I have started organizing strips in pinks and greens!!
Have a great day!
Jacky O