Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gertie The Fainting Goat!

Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love my farm animals! They bring me such joy and relaxation. Look at the little gift that my brother, John brought me this morning! :) She is a Fainting Goat! He has some of them and a couple of months ago one had twins! He asked if I wanted one so I asked for the female. These little goats are so cute and fun! When scared they faint!!!!

She only stands about 14 inches at the back! Right now she is still in her little cage but this evening I will put her in her own little pen until she gets more used to being here and then I will turn her out....well maybe....if she would wonder off too far I'm afraid the coyotes will eat her! So I may keep her in her pen.

We have spent the past few hours making friends! I have named her "Gertie Mae" Hehehehe! Why that name? Well, when I was little my grandparents had a little goat and her name was Gertie Mae! :)

Here is a little Youtube video to show you how they faint! Hehehehe! I'm sure in the coming months I will hav plenty of my own fainting videos to show you! :)



Amelia said...

How cute...Andrew's new dog will be way bigger than Gertie Mae.

This blogger writes about her fainting goat and a multituude of other things...you would probably find them very interesting.


Do show us pictures as this baby grows up.

Kelly Ann said...

Gertie Mae the fainting goat...how cute is that!

Gizmo said...

She is adorable, and her name is PRICELESS!!!

julieQ said...

How darling she is! Very small, a miniature breed? What a doll!

Belvie said...

How cute! You have your own personal petting zoo right in your own backyard.

Michelle said...

Your Gertie is a cutie! I can't wait to see her grow up.

Winona said...

Gertie Mae is adorable. I have raised lots of goats in the past. She will be much happier and get in lots less mischief if you can find another goat for a buddy for her. Also, if you have any flowers or fruit trees that you want to keep, you will need to get them fenced. Goats love flowers and trees. I know, mine killed all my fruit trees one time. LOL I was at town. They got out and had quite a party. I'm only telling you all this so you can be prepared. I love goats and hope to have a few pygmies again some day. They have such wonderful personalities and make the best pets. Good luck with your sweet little girl. Winona

Darci said...

My sister had a fainting goat she named "Special Ed." He was adorable, followed her around like a little puppy.

Hazel said...

I have never seen a fainting goat before ,I think that would scare the life out of me even though it's normal.She sure is pretty ,good luck with her .