Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sorting the sweatshop

Today Richard worked on my kitchen cabinets! This a slow process and he is completely making them himself. He sure is handy to have around! LOL! Anyway...I know that when building or hanging cabinets you usually do the top cabinets first, but the money just isn't there to do all of the cabinets at once. So I would rather start with my bottom cabinets until we get moved in and finish the top ones as we can. Like I told him if he wants me to cook then I at least have to have a countertop! LOL! Anyway, I didn't get any photos of them yet, not a lot to show as of yet but they are coming along nicely.

While he worked in the kitchen I sorted some stuff up in the sweatshop. I'm sure I will move everything around up there once I actually start using it to sew in. But I took a few photos, I'm sure you all are probably tired of sewing them.

This is just an old stool that I love to sit on and I dumped several hundred yo-yo's in that Longaberger basket. I'm slowly working on Hunter a yo-yo quilt and need at least 2,000 yo-yo's. I made mom and Andrew each one several years ago. Mom's has 2,500 yo-yo's and Andrew's has 2,000 in it. I enjoy working on them a little at a time.

My bookshelf again. Sorry for all of the dust but it is hard to keep it dust free with all of the drywall sanding. I brought my featherweight out and set it up on my antique ironing board/chair/ladder. Mom bought the ironing board for me years ago for $10. I didn't recover it, just left it as it was but it is tattered and dirty. I put my featherweight case under it, but I may move it later. It has the pedal and all the attachments. I bought is a couple of years ago for $5, cleaned it up and it works perfectly. Love those junk stores! Oh...and as you can see, I still need to finish painting the walls. My floor still isn't down and it will probably be a while on that. Richard is making our own wide plank hardwood flooring and we will start with the downstairs first. They are 10 inch wide oak planks with tongue and groove. The ceilings up here will be oak too they are not dried out enough yet to install either. On around from the old ironing board starts the 20ft wall of closets....but they are only about 5.5 to 6 foot tall. But at least it is storage. These will also have doors on them so that I can hide the stuff. To the left of the small self is several hundred romance novels in boxes. Those will be moved after some of the other rooms are finished. The bookshelf holds my quilting pantos and rulers. The tubs are precut scraps and strips sorted into different sizes. A box of misc. quilting stuff and the two boxes on the bottom are yardage. On the other side of the boxes is where I will put my drawers of fabric that I posted the other day. Starting left to right here. On the bottom is the tile for bathroom #3. On top of those is a tote of yardage. The other 3 larger totes on the bottom are just bits and pieces of backings, sheets, batting, and stuff like that. The small clear totes are UFO's/WIP's. The boxes have the same thing UFO's/WIP's and scrap batiks and odds and ends. I had my sister to save boxes for me from her work so that I could box up some of my stuff for the move. I do plan on buying more clear tubs so that it will look neater and I can see what is in them. Oh and I have some batting and stuff stuck over in the corner. Richard still has to build shelving in the closets too.

As you can see, I haven't even started to paint this wall. I still need to paint/stain my table that Richard made for me too. My machine will sit here along with my ironing board and iron. The big basket in the back has scrap fabrics in it. The 3 smaller ones are actually "mangers" that I bought at the Dollar Store. They are wood and I thought they would make good little baskets so store leaders and enders in or something like that. The other small basket just has paper and pens in it. And my pin cushion... Oh and I plan on changing that chair out too, it was just upstairs.

I still need move in my cutting table which is an antique round kitchen table but it is still in the storage building and I can't get to it yet. :( I still have some fabric and a huge tote of UFO's to move and .....about 6 more sewing machines!!! Not even sure where they will go yet.

And my frame/machine sits in front of my closets as you have seen in past photos. He is installing lighting over my frame too.

Tonight I will start working on my strings again. I would love to get those finished soon.



Texan said...

You guys are getting there!!!

I love that stool with the tractor seat on it!

I think your DH is a very handy guy! All the works he is doing himself! We built but we had to sub some work out. I ordered our cabinets, my DH isn't a finish carpenter. He is most handy but finish stuff isn't his strong point.

Texan said...

How did you do your yoyo quilt?
I made a yoyo throw and now grrr it coming apart. Did you use a backing or just sew your yoyos together?

Yvette said...


I am still so impressed that you all are building this house by yourselves and all in cash. Very inspirational.

Lady of the Cloth said...

You are really coming along with the house, We did a remodel and it still took forever. I finally hired a handyman to finish the molding as DH was 5 years out and still hadn't finished it. Are you going to have to move everything out of your studio when the floor goes in? Good job you two! Carline

Guðrún said...

6 sewing machines, wow, are they all ready to sew on?