Monday, September 26, 2011

New Quilt and House Progress...

Not sure where to start! I am soooooo tired! First off, the weather here is going to be bad later this morning. It is starting to cloud up and they are forecasting severe storms and tornado watches. I took this photo about an hour ago while I was outside moving the goats. I am so far behind on emails and blog reading. I clicked on my email early this morning and it said 600+ in my I went and did a load of laundry! LOL! I'm just not up to sorting through that many emails yet. Hopefully I will get to them later in the day. Also my Google Reader has 300+ blog updates that I haven't read yet. :(

It has been a long but productive weekend. First off, Andrew was home for the weekend! I am so happy when my boys are home. Richard even commented on the fact that I seemed to rest better when they are both at home. We had a wonderful weekend together just hanging out.

Saturday morning we went on a little shopping trip to get a load of stuff for the house. We hooked up to the 16ft gooseneck trailer and headed out. We got our new stove!!! It isn't hooked up yet, we are waiting for the concrete pad to dry before we can set it on it. In a few years we plan on taking that out and building a huge fireplace but right now that is not in the budget to do. So I am happy with our new wood stove!

We also picked up the other 10ft section of my kitchen countertop! Here you can see some backer board stuff for the bathroom floor tile, water line, more stove pipe. We also picked up the big electric wire, 35 breakers, grout and sealer and a bunch of little odds and ends that we needed to get these jobs done.
Oh and here is the faucet that I got for bathroom #1, which is the main bathroom downstairs. It is oil rubbed bronze. Giggle, I have to wait a couple of weeks to get the shower faucet for that bathroom.....we ran out of money! :(
Here are a few photos of what we got accomplished on the house this weekend. The living room walls now have the FIRST coat of drywall mud on them. I'm trying to think here......I believe we still need to put the first coat on the kitchen ceiling and all of the laundry room. Then we can do the 2nd coat and then the sanding.....such a mess. Worked more on the ceiling over my sewing room. Mom and I stained boards last week and we were trying to get those put up. We didn't get them all up but some progress is better than nothing. That center beam will be covered too and section that you see in the bottom right corner of the photo....that is where my living room ceiling starts. It will be done in this wood too. And you can also see where the electric wire are hanging that is where my recessed lights will be over my frame. My sewing room is a HUGE mess right now. We had to move my sewing table and a bunch of stuff to make room for the ladder so that we could get that section of ceiling up. This is how it looks right now.That is my quilt on the frame and I need to get in there sometime today and get it finished. Oh and we are getting rid of that roll-away bed. We slept on it those few nights that we camped in the house. After we move in I will not have a place to store it. While we are out Saturday I picked up 6 fat quarters and some border fabric to make a baby quilt that is needed October 4th. I decided to make a Yellow Brick Road quilt. I'm made 2 or 3 bed size YBR quilts and they are easy to make. Late last night, I couldn't sleep so I started cutting out this quilt. I should not have even tried that as tired as I was. I messed it up! I cut them wrong but I managed to salvage it! I will not look like the actual pattern but I'm sure a baby would not notice it! LOL! Here are a few of the blocks, I had these fabrics here trying to decide on one for a narrow border before I add the 6" border, which is not shown in the photo but it is a blue fabric. I hope to get this top completed sometime day.

Here it is almost 10am now, I had better get off this computer and get my butt in gear! Tons of things to do!



Libby said...

Boy, do I love those boards for your ceiling!! Just Beautiful!

Those fabrics are just perfect for a baby quilt! I have made 2 YBR quilts and managed to cut both wrong! But with that pattern nobody can tell!
Good Luck with your weather..going to be 87 here and a chance of afternoon storms:(

Texan said...

Your home is moving along nicely.
We put in two fireplaces when we built, this last summer we put wood stoves in using the fireplaces and their chimneys. We wanted to get away from using as much propane as we can and the fireplaces just don't put off enough heat to heat the whole house! :O). Free wood verses expensive propane. Yep that will work :O). This will be our first winter to try to heat the house with just the wood stoves! I am excited!

Janet O. said...

Kristie--so glad you had time with all of your men at home. Wow--look at all you have going! I love the bathroom faucet. Our master bath is still unfinished, but I bought oilr rubbed bronze fixtures for everything--maybe that is why we haven't had the money to finish it! : )
Haven't made a YBR quilt, but it intrigues me--I'll have to look into that one.
I hope you can get some sleep--and not over the cutting table!

Michelle said...

The house is really coming together. I know there must still be a lot of work, but hopefully you are feeling closer to finishing! Can't wait to see the YBR all finished.