Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A few more quilts...

Thanks for your input on the border for my log cabin quilt. It is fun to see how each of you see it and to hear your reasoning. I love it. I still haven't fully decided but I am leaning towards one. I guess you will just have to wait and see... Anyway, I have a few quilts to show you and some house progress that I am very excited about.

Since I have to wait a few more days on my quilt machine I have been digging through some UFO's. You remember a couple of posts back when I showed the spiderweb blocks. I decided to go with red corners. I have been slowly working on that. I think I have 8 out of 25 blocks done. I'm anxious to have it finished. I swore to myself when I dug it out that I would either finish it or throw it away. I have also started cutting a few calicos for my Hugs & Kisses quilt too. I'll show photos of that as soon as I start piecing it.

Here is the next UFO that I plan on finishing. It is called Civil War Wreaths. I got the pattern here and she called it "churn dash and stars" It is the same pattern, I just changed some of the color placement for the amount of fabrics that I had. Then I ended up miss cutting and didn't have enough of the navy paisley so I put it away for a long time. I did find the navy fabric and ordered it not too long ago. So now I want to finish it. I still need to piece 2 more rows (14 blocks) and then add the borders. Here is an up close shot of it. I plan on a small red inner border and a wider navy outside border. I don't know the exact measurement of it right now but by the time I am finished it will be a queen. I also made the pillow that I had mentioned for Church. The pews are very uncomfortable and I have a few back problems and alot of the other people have pillows too. :) So I finally made it! And I'm sure you are not surprised to see that it is a log cabin!
The blocks measure 4.5 inches and the pillow is 18 inches. I love it! Actually it looks pretty good on my couch too.....hmmm.....will I have to make more?? LOL!
The last quilt that I have to show you is one that you all have seen a million times. My FIRST log cabin that I call "Civil War Log Cabin" When I started it I planned on making it to hang on the big wall above my living room. We finally got it hung! Please don't pay attention to all of the woodwork that is not finished in the house yet. :)
Last Saturday Richard's uncle called and wanted to give us a couch. I haven't had my brown one too long, but he really wanted us to have it. I told Richard that I would put it upstairs in my sewing room. He also said that it was fairly new and that he and his wife had only sat on it TWICE!!! What was funny was that it still had the plastic on it!!! Anyway, they just said it was too big for the room and wanted to buy a loveseat for that room. So I ended up with a NEW couch!!! It will be nice to be able to relax on the couch while up in my sewing room. I'm thinking that I will have to dig a coffee table out of storage to use with it or maybe a side table and lamp. I told Richard that I have almost everything that I need up there except for a microwave and refrigerator. If I had those I would never have to leave the room. LOL!
Now the part that I am soooooo excited about! It may be a small thing to some of you but a major thing for me. Since you come in my front door and the first thing that you see is my stairs I wanted that post to be very special. I looked online for over a year for the perfect post. Any of them that I even liked a little were completely out of my price range. So you all know how handy that my hubby is........he made it himself!!!! LOOK!!!!
It is made out of oak and measures 10 inches each side and 51 inches tall. The only thing that we bought were the little flowery things that are near the top. Everything else he made!!! We didn't even have to buy the trim or dental moulding he made it!! The wood is from trees on our property that he sawed up with his sawmill and let it dryout for ever and then planed it down smooth. We still have a little more work to do to it. The bottom is not finished. You can see where it it bolted in place. All of the will be covered with wood and the bottom built out more. I just love it!!!! We still have a ton of work to do on the stairs.....railings, spindles, and the wall there underneath the stairs will eventually be wood and also the wall on the right of the stairs as you go up. We just put the drywall up to cover the wall until we can do the woodwork.

Stay tuned for more UFO photos and progress reports!!!



Janet O. said...

Glad you found the blue fabric you need to finish that quilt. I really like that pattern.
Your church pillow is so cute! Yes, the living room could use some of those, don't you think? : )
Your quilt looks beautiful hanging on the wall--Wow!!
That is a gorgeous post Richard created. We made our posts, but just simple with beveled edges to match the simple arts & crafts era furniture of our room, but even those were a lot of work. I can't imagine how much went into this one! Excellent job, Richard!

Jan said...

Everything is so pretty - your quilt projects, and your new sofa. Yes, you need more log cabin pillows; they are gorgeous!

vtquilter said...

Wow you and Richard are both very talented! I love the quilt and the log cabin looks great hanging on the wall and on the couch! I see more pillows in your future!

dortha said...

Your quilt on the wall is just beautiful. Richard did an outstanding job on the post. I know you are proud of every little thing that gets done to the house. I also like your pew cushion.

Katie M. said...

Kristie, I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award. I love reading about the progress on you home and seeing the lovely quilts you not only produce but quilt for others. You are an inspiration.

Floss said...

The post is great, do you think he'll like to make me one as my stair are by the front door too and the paot I have is not that pretty.

The log cabin looks great handing up on the wall.

StripperDeb said...

Hi Kristie,
This is my first visit but it definitely won't be my last! Love your blog and reading all the wonderful things you and your hubs have been up to - you are both very talented folks. Love all the gorgeous woodwork and your log cabin quilt at the top of the stairs is perfect!

Your home will be sooo precious when it's finished, especially since you've done so much of the work yourselves - what a family heirloom it will be for you and your children.

Sweet Dreams ;-)

Judi said...

Hi Kristie

This is my first visit too, but like Debs (above) it certainly won't be my last. I live in the UK and find quilts that you guys in the US make absolutely awesome and SO inspirational. I've recently started to do what we call patchwork and quilting, and have been looking for other blogs to follow, your's is FANTASTIC, as not only do I get to see your skills but your hubby's too! That post at the bottom of your stairs is TERRIFIC!

Hope to read/see more of your work soon, but meanwhile I'm off to browse your older posts.


Vesuviusmama said...

I love your church pillow, and that post that your husband made is amazing! Isn't it great to want or need something and be able to produce it yourself? So many people can't do that these days. All we do is buy, buy, buy.