Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Working on 1 of 3 quilts...

 I am working on 3 of these quilts!  This is the beginning of 1 of 3.  It is called, Anchors Aweigh and the fabric line is Tula Pink's.  It is a big anchor.  One quilt is a commission quilt. The second is for mom, as I figured she would like it as she works on a tugboat on the Mississippi River.  The third quilt is for Andrew as he saw that I had it pulled up on the computer and wanted one too.  
 This is a little more modern than what I usually do and the fabrics are totally not what I usually work with, but I guess sometimes it is good to step out of the box.  I will do one at a time and not work on all three at once.  The good thing is that I have ALL 3 of them cut except for the background fabrics.  

One day last week I made an apron!  :)  I think I will give this one to mom as she uses them on the boat as she cooks.  I had an apron that I liked the style but it was a child apron so I stretched it out over my fabric and just cut it out bigger.  It worked out great that way.  I have 3 more of them cut and I will probably just split them up between us both. 
 Hopefully tomorrow I can get a few more rows sewn together on this quilt.  Not like I can get out and do anything in all of this snow.  We have 9 inches, more or less.  This has been one of the worst winters that I can ever remember KY having in my 41 years. 


Janet O. said...

What an interesting quilt design! Certainly seems appropriate for your Mom--nice of you to make these for her and Andrew, aside from the commission quilt.
I have been trying to decide how to do a similar thing with an apron that I like, but it isn't quite big enough. Maybe I will follow your lead. : )

Michelle said...

Wow...good luck with the three quilts! All that snow is a good excuse to stay in and sew!!