Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Chevron Wall....

 I have my sewing box ready for when my sister goes into labor!  LOL!  Chantal is now 33 weeks and I plan on going to the hospital as soon as I get the call.  I am the type that always has to have something to keep my hands busy so I have some hexies packed and ready to go.  These will be great to work on while she is in labor.....if I can actually concentrate on them.  :) 
 Since the baby shower was this past weekend, we helped her sort and organize everything.  Next up was finishing up the nursery for her.  Mom and I painted the walls pink a few weeks ago but Chantal also wanted one wall painted with chevrons.   Richard said that I was really over thinking it so he helped me out.  He measured and taped the wall for me and mom and I painted it while Chantal was at work.  My BIL works away so Chantal really wanted to have the room finished before he got home.  

So here it is...
 Yesterday mom and I hung the stuff on the walls for her.  Mom also made so pretty pink chevron valances for the 2 windows but for some reason I didn't end up getting photos of them.  They turned out really well.  

This is the ceiling fan that my BIL installed before he left out for work last month.  It really matches well. 
 This hangs between the entry door to the room and the closet door. 
 The dresser/changing area...  I think in the owl photo frame she is planning on putting photos of daddy, mommy and baby girl.  :)
 I also forgot to take a photo of the crib bedding but I'm sure you can guess it has owls on it.  Now almost everything is finished and ready for the precious baby girl!!!!  

Shew....more bad weather is on the way.  I just recently got off this hill this past weekend and now we are going to get hit hard again.  The forecast says 8"-14"  plus some sleet.  I am NOT liking this at all.  They are also saying that this is going to be a heavy wet snow and to expect some power outages.  I sure hope not but I am prepared if we do lose power.  Mom even had to head out to work a day early because of the snow that is coming.  They called her yesterday and told her to be prepared to leave out this morning instead of tomorrow.  Hunter's school has already missed 25 snow days of school so far.  I am soooooo ready for spring! 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

wow your sister really likes pink huh - too much for me - but if she is happy :) we too shall get more winter weather 3-5 for us and hopefully this is the last!

Janet O. said...

The chevron wall worked out beautifully, Kristie. Bless Richard's heart for stepping in and taping it for you.
What a sweet, pink "owl" room awaits the new little one!
I hope you don't lose your power!
Now I think I understand why Hunter's school starts so early each year--they know there will be lots of snow days!

Michelle said...

I LOVE LOVE the nursery. Not too much pink for me! It is absolutely darling and I love all the owl accents. What a blessed baby to have a beautiful room and welcomed home to those who will love her so much.

I hope you dodge the weather. We are ready for spring too!

bernie said...

Everything looks so cute! Love the bows you made for the baby and the quilts are adorable too. The cake for the baby shower! love it.

Deb A said...

25 days of school missed! Yikes.... he is going to be going to school all summer. Hope you are all stocked up on food - I know you are fully stocked on hand work projects. Hope you keep power during the storm. Enjoy your time with Hunter =).