Saturday, April 25, 2015

I've been busy again!!!!

 Well, I've been busy sewing again!  Look what I did today! 
 When I started cutting for this quilt I just grabbed a bunch of dark blues and started cutting.  I didn't count, I just cut.  I think I have enough cut to make half of the quilt.  I have enough cut to finish up the part that is missing here and then I will have to cut enough for the other half of the quilt. 
 After I get all of the blocks pieced then I just plan on a dark blue border out of one of the fabrics in the blocks. 
 Tomorrow I hope to finish up the blank area and then do a bunch of cutting for the rest of it. 
 I took Hunter on Friday to be fitted for his tux.  He has his 7th/8th prom/social next Saturday.  :(  It seems that the price of renting a tux has gone up since I had to do that with Andrew.  LOL!  That was $185 that I was NOT expecting!  They did have some cheaper ones but they looked like they were from the 1970's.  LOL!  After getting over the shock of the rental, I can't wait to see him in it.  My boy is growing up!  They are not having it at school but a place that I actually had one of my proms.  They are also having a formal dinner as well.  

We are getting heavy storms at the moment so I think I will settle in before bed and do a little handwork.  I will probably work on my Orange Peels or my hexies.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a lot for a rental! hope he enjoys wearing it! The quilt looks lovely - make sure to take a photo of the finish - hope the storms don't get too bad.

Janet O. said...

I feel like such a slug when I see all you accomplish in a day!
Wow, I can't believe they have a formal event at that age. Our school didn't allow tuxes for anything but the senior prom, to try and hold down the cost of school events. I'll bet he will be handsome in it, though. :)

Suzan Oxenreider said...

That's a lot of cutting! Cutting is my least favorite part of quilting. Shopping is actually my favorite part followed by quilting. I love the quilting. Kind of hard, though, to get from shopping to quilting without some cutting and sewing in the middle!

Regina said...

I've been in a cutting mood of late -and have to resist as I have so much going on I NEED to finish (hard deadlines). The garden is also calling - which is very very bad (but in a good way). Love the two-tone on this quilt - very striking!