Monday, June 29, 2015

Applique Baskets and Birthdays...

 It's been a few weeks since my last post.  I've been a little bit out of commission healthwise but hopefully I'm on the mend now.  I've missed posting and reading blogs. 

This past weekend my SIL was here and she is a new quilter.  Actually, about a month or so ago she we here and I taught her how to sew some hexagons.  She has been sewing away and honestly doing a great job.  She brought her hexagons over on Saturday and they look wonderful.  Her stitches are tiny and you can't even see them at all on top.  I wish that I had taken a photo of them but maybe next time.  

How can I tell that she is going to be a quilter?  She is already thinking about her next project.  LOL!  She made a beautiful blue jean quilt last year but this time she wanted something to keep her hands busy so my sister suggested that she ask me about hexagons.  She has been working on the at work during her downtime and also during the evenings after work.  It is addicting....her other 4 coworkers have also started working on hexagons after seeing hers.  That's just how it goes.  

So while she was here on Saturday we were discussing future projects and I think she is thinking about an Orange Peel but we also got my blocks out for my little applique baskets that I haven't worked on for a long time.  Seeing the blocks again really makes me want to work on them again.  I only have 67 blocks finished and many more needed.  Maybe soon I can get back to those. 
 Saturday we had Hunter a small birthday party.  He will be 13 on Tuesday.  It's hard to believe that he is that old.  That is my other SIL in the photo too, not the one that is quilting but Richard's sister, Vanessa.  Anyway, I think he had a great time. 
 Here is my precious girl, Addison!  She is so precious.  They took her a few days ago and got her little ears pierced.  She will be 3 months old in a week or so.  Can you tell she is ready to celebrate the 4th of July?  :)  That is one of the bows that I made for her too.
 That's all for now, I think I am going to head back to bed for a bit as Richard just left for work.


Michelle said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon. Happy birthday to Hunter, and your neice is absolutely beautiful! LOVE her outfit!

Deb A said...

Missed your posts. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Happy early birthday to Hunter, I can't believe he will be 13 already!
Question for you on the do you prep your's for appliqué? I am thinking of starting one (I know I am nuts!) but I usually just draw my lines on the front of the fabric and use needle turn appliqué. Lots of sites show using different methods and I was wondering how you prep yours. Hope you have a great day Kristie.

SG said...

Found your blog and enjoyed reading your quilting adventures! Thank you for sharing!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

hope you get to feeling better - love the little antique basket quilt blocks.

Janet O. said...

Heard about your recent health issues. Yikes, girl, I hope you are getting back on your feet slowly and feeling better!
What quilter worth her salt is not an enabler to draw others into the vortex with her? Sounds like you have done well with your SIL, and she is passing it on to her coworkers. : )
Love those baskets. You have so many projects that make me drool!

julieQ said...

I sure hope you feel better dearest lady!! Many hugs!! Your babies are darling!