Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tumbler Top Complete!

 Look what I accomplished yesterday!!!!  It felt great to actually get something done.  Sorry about the light shining through but I had it in the kitchen floor. 
 If you remember in my last post I just had them sewn in sets of 4.
 So I just sewed together what I had cut and ended up with something like 54x70. 
 Then I got the big idea that I would add a narrow solid border and then use this green stripe.  You know the old saying, "measure twice, cut once"....well I messed up when I was measuring, I guess and cut the border too short.  :(  I'll just put the borders away and use them on something else.  At this point, I'm just going to call it done and throw it in the pile to be quilted.  When I get ready to quilt it I will then decide if I want to add borders or just leave it "as is"
 I also ended up with 7 more Windmill blocks!
 I appliqued ONE Orange Peel...
 ...and cut out a few hexagons from the "cut-offs" around the edges of the Tumbler quilt. 
 I even drove Hunter to town to watch the fireworks at 10pm.  Tomorrow I will probably be down all day.  LOL!  Richard has to work all weekend.  He gets home around 8pm and is in bed by 9pm so after he went to bed Hunter and I headed to town.  He seemed to enjoy watching them.  

Herbs....our Thyme is sprouting!  I think our basil is too.  We planted these on June 30th.
 That's all for's 1:15am and I will be getting Richard up in a couple of hours.  I think I'm going to try to go to bed for a couple of hours. 


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Only a couple of hours? How in the world do you do it? I wish I could exist on a couple of hours of sleep ... think of all I could get done! ;-) I love that tumbler quilt! And your little orange peel block. I'd like to make an orange peel quilt, but I have so many quilts I want to make ... so many quilts, so little time.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I would need more than a couple hours of sleep also

Janet O. said...

The tumbler top is wonderful! Too bad about the chosen border, but I'm sure it will come in handy somewhere else.
Oh, I really like the pretty purple pinwheel!

Deb A said...

Woo hoo on the finish. Guess you can start something new now! Hope you are able to get some sleep. Take care of you.

Gayle said...

Your tumbler is awesome!