Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Hexagon Class

 I haven't been doing a very good job of blogging lately.  Things have just been crazy around here and I haven't been feeling the best in the world either....low potassium and high BP which is due from stress.  I just need to deal with stress a little better I guess.  LOL!  

Anyway, I had another hexagon class the other day!!!  I wasn't feeling the best in the world but I tried not to let that show.  Hunter went with me to help me carry my stuff and help me get things set up.  He was such a big help.

The class went very well.  I just can't tell you how much that I enjoy these classes.  Here I am doing a little one-on-one demonstration. 
 Everyone caught on really well. 
 I don't think I got a photo of everyone.  :( 
 If you look real close you will see we had a tiny little one in class.  He was only 4 weeks old and such a good baby.  He had a head full of hair too.  He slept all most the whole time and only woke up to nurse.  :)   It was a great class and as you can see in this photo even the other ladies were very helpful.  I think in this photo they were discussing "knots" 
 One thing that I have discovered in these classes is that everyone ties knots differently.  I've had some that have never tied a knot in thread, some are lefties, some do a normal knot and I do a quilter's knot.  Some wanted to learn the quilter's knot, so we worked on that as well.  

After the class I came home and went straight to bed.  LOL!  

It was lot's of fun and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  I have another class that will be scheduled real soon.  

Please stay with me, I have a lot more to blog about and get things caught up.  :)


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I sure am sorry to hear that you're not feeling very well ... hope you get to feeling better real soon. It looks like you all had a great time at your class.

Michelle said...

I have been low on potassium for the last I don't know how long! I was low before I started having edema issues in my legs, and now that I am on more fluid pills, I just keep adding more potassium. Currently I take FIVE big 20mcg potassium pills a day. Three in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Bloodwork every 6 weeks. Wish I could get it to the normal stage. I haven't had much ambition for probably about as long or longer. We adjusted my thyroid meds and it helped the fluid problem a little bit. Anyway...............

So glad you are enjoying your classes and that there is so much interest. I know you enjoy teaching and your quilts and hexies are beautiful, as they always are.

Take care my friend!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I thought because I have poor wi-fi while I am traveling in the camper that I had just missed some of your post - didn't realize you had been having a time with your blood pressure again - I hope you can get it straighted out and so glad you were able to teach your class - I think it is neat that you have such an informal group - all ages and bring the babies too - how nice for the mom's to know they are welcome to bring the little ones Get well - take care of yourself

Janet O. said...

So sorry about the health issues, Kristie. Stress can really mess us up, can't it?
Looks like another great class. How nice of Hunter to be your support system.
Sounds like you are a natural at this teaching thing!