Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Practicing on the longarm...

 Another pic of my big girl!  :)  We are taking some time to get to know each other.  She sure is different than my other one.  All is going well.  I've had a few thread breaks but that is probably user error...maybe going too fast for the speed that I have her set on or whatever....we will get it figured out.  Nothing major at all and all machines are different.
 I loaded an old printed sheet on the frame and decided to practice some of my panto designs.  This is one of my new designs that I have.  It is called Mint Julep and is 13" wide.  I love it!  I used dark thread so that I could see my stitches better while practicing. 
 Practicing another design.  This is an old one that I have.  It is called Ground Cover. 
 Then I loaded a Minnie Mouse panel on the frame and quilted it up.  I think I will give it to my niece, Addison.  She loves Minnie Mouse.  I need to add some binding on it and call it done.  I used the Mint Julep design on it.
 I think I will load a small quilt on the frame today and try something that actually has seams.  LOL!

I had a wonderful weekend with my dear quilting friend, Kris.  I really hated to see her go.  Sadly on the way home they had an accident.  They are all okay but shew....I sure felt bad.  Praise God for watching over them as it could have been so much worse. 


Cheryl Willis said...

looks great! I am going back and forth about a newer machine w/a larger throat. This may be the year to make a decision --cheryl

Janet O. said...

A very pretty new panto.
Addison should be thrilled with that little quilt. : )
That is too bad about Kris' accident. Glad they are okay. Did their vehicle get badly damaged?

Dora, the Quilter said...

I have a lot of Nolting tips from my own experience I can share with you, if you'd like, to make the transition swifter. You will really, really love this machine!