Tuesday, August 2, 2016

103 blocks....only 17 more to go!

 Here's a block update.  I have a total of 103 of the Garlic Knot blocks finished.  Now only 17 more blocks to go.  I'm hoping that I will get those done today.
 Here is my little setup while sewing.  A little messy but it works.  These are pieces for my Garlic Knots and my Scrappy Stars. 
 I loaded one of my OLD quilt tops on the frame last night and started quilting only to realize after getting almost a whole pass across the quilt finished that I had bad stitches underneath.  I always check it but for some reason I didn't.  I forgot that I had the tension set for the last quilt that I quilted and it had a flannel backing.  So now I have to pick it all out and start over.  I am not happy about this but it is what it is.  :(

Yesterday I absolutely got NOTHING accomplished.  That's okay because I had a wonderful day.  Richard and both boys were home and that doesn't happen very often.  Richard and my boys are my world.  First off, nothing got cleaned...do you know how hard it is to clean with 3 men in the house?  LOL!  I did a lot of cooking but no cleaning.  

Richard and I went up to the garden to dig potatoes yesterday and we dug 3 potato plants and we got a downpour!  :(  Of course we ware up on top of this ridge so we don't flood but the lower areas had major flooding.  

Hunter starts high school tomorrow.  I am just depressed....very proud of him but depressed that my baby is in high school.  :(  He hates school but makes good grades, he would just rather be home.  He stresses out and always has over losing time to get outside and do things that he enjoys.  


---"Love" said...

Welcome to the RIP Club! (And I don't mean Rest in Peace or Piece!) Several days ago I stitched an entire large feather circle on my big project and didn't look at the back until I finished. Had to rip it all out because of tension problems! Re-stitched it again a few days later, and I think I'll probably have to rip out at least part of that! I just had to lay it aside and work on a donation quilt for a while. Late this afternoon I'll check out the feathers and probably start ripping again! Not a happy camper!!! ---"Love"

julieQ said...

Girlie, you are cooking with Crisco! (making great progress on your blocks!)