Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Great Pick-Me-Up!

I'm still very sick and haven't done alot of sewing the past few days, just mostly sleeping. But I had to run into town this morning. Stopped at the mailbox and had a "great pick me up!" I recieved this today from Toni (the quilting pirate). She has what she calls Manic Mondays, she gives some very nice things away and this is what I won! A yin-yang kit! It will be perfect for my 14 yr old stepdaughter! Toni is a very talented quilter. I love visiting her site, her work is very inspiring.

My Scrappy Bargello is still hanging on the wall in six strips! I really haven't felt much like working on it alot. But I do have it down to 6 panels, it probably wouldn't take me 15 minutes to sew them together. Then I will need to add a border to it. I'm just feeling lazy!!!

As you can see here, Donkey has made himself right at home. Andrew doesn't like for me to take his photo, but I did get one of him and Donkey. We are ALL very happy with him, even me. He is alot of company to me during the day, when I am home alone. I am very proud of myself for being able to deal with him the way that I am. We have become very good friends.

I had to run into town this morning to pick up supplies for Hunter's school project. Now I love doing school projects with the boys but this one is not really Hunter's its a "MOMMY Project" Thats what gets me! Now he is 5 and in kindergarden and the teacher sent a paper home yesterday saying that they needed to make a "timeline" and turn it in by Friday. Now this timeline needs to be photos of Hunter from birth until now! I called this morning to get more details....they said....use poster board, scrapbooking supplies, lots of detail, has to be EXTREMELY neat! Now how neat is a 5 yr old??? So I made a list, and will have to borrow some of Chantal's scrapbooking supplies, I even bought a cartridge of colored ink, because I didn't want to send my orginal photos. Well, I guess I need to stop complaining about it, it has to be done.



Moneik said...

That bag looks so cool. I'm sure you'll enjoy making them since they are scrappy! Andrew and Donkey are so cute together. I'm sure your art project will turn out great.

Jen said...

My mom has that pattern; we've yet to make it. How fun, prezzies today and prezzies tomorrow!! UPS# 1Z 027 83W 03 4594 764 2

This time line project is ridiculous. He's in kindergarden for cripes sake!! Scrapbooking supplies. WTF? They should at least show you a picture of an example then. You're right, it is a mommy project. =( No, Kristie, I've got it...forget the paper supplies...make a fabric photo holder!!! You'll definitely get an a!!

Jen said...

Oh, he could write on it with markers!!

Amelia said...

That project is something else. It is great you have the time to help Hunter. What about the parents who both work and don't have the time to spend on such a project. Sometimes I wonder where these teachers come up with such ideas.It is like science projects when my daughter was in school...she did her own - 100%- then you would come across some that was done completely by the parent..no reflection on you - but you get what I am talking about.

Oh well, I am off my soapbox now...will be glad when you are back to feeling perfect again.

Nancy said...

I might have to get on my soapbox too about school projects that the parents are expected to do! As mom to 4, now ages 28-38, I was NEVER happy to have to help with school projects, and did very little of it other than encouraging them to do it. And of course, as someone else mentioned, then you go look at the and it is CLEAR that some parents have done the whole thing, even when the student was supposed to -- but it sounds like the teacher must be expecting you to do it. As a former school librarian, and mom/MIL to 3 teachers I have to agree with Jen's first comment -- WT...

Good luck with it all!


Hazel said...

The bag is so cute lucky you .Andrew and donkey look so comfortable .Thats also my grandsons name I'm the only one he allows to call him Andy , Nana's get special privileges LOL .What a bunch of work that teacher put on you ,especially when you are not feeling well ,its so silly what happened to the noodle pictures the kids used to make ?

Carol Van Rooy said...

Fortunately Dakota is old enough to do most of her own research. The problem we've run into thuis far is having teachers assume we've done all her work. That is why she always keeps all her rough drafts (in her own handwriting of course).

I'm currently working on a project with Dalton on urbanization. The outline is very vague and subsequently we are trying to keep it at grade three level as best as possible.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I just knew that Donkey would fit right in and he has and look at all the company he's giving you during the day. I sure hope you get to feeling better soon. Good luck with Hunter's project. They sure want a lot from someone who's 5.

Quilting Pirate said...

ahhh Kristie, thank you so much for the kind words :D I always think I'm such a bore in my blog, so I try to entertain with lots of pictures :D

I'm glad you can use the kit!

I'm sooo happy to see you adjusting to Donkey so well, you should be proud!

Hope you start feeling well real soon! I know there are sewing projects awaiting your attention! LOL