Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ohhhhhh, What A Night!!!

I guess you all have heard about the bad storms and tornados across several states yesterday and last night. So here is how it all started for me...Chantal (my sister) called me at 12:20am and asked if I had heard about the tornados down in Tennessee, at that time I had not. She said they were bad and headed this way. She was still up that late and I thought it odd since she had to work this moring. After I hung up with her, I figured it must be bad and she was nervous. So I called her back to tell her if she needed anything at all to call me and I would be right there.
She and Mom live on the property that connects to ours, but mom is gone to work, so Chantal was alone and scared.

I went on to bed and finally fell asleep around 2am, because I couldn't breathe when I layed down because of my cold. I could hear the winds but just didn't think they were that bad. Then the phone rang at 2:15am and it was Richard. Now he had left the house for work at 12:30am and was hauling coal several hours away. He said that an emergency announcement came across the radio that "tornados and 80 mile an hour winds were coming my way" for me to get prepared because he was too far away to get to me. They were telling everyone to seek immediate shelter!! Richard said if it hit here that the house would not stand that high winds. Because of the location of it, he said I would be better off getting in the outbuilding. So I hung up and then he called right back. He then said it came across the radio that it was alot closer to get out of the house!!! I said "What about my sister??" He said "Get the boys and drive to Chantal's because her house would be safer since it was next to the hillside and would be harder for the high winds to tear it down" So I drag the boys out of the bed, call Chantal and drive out there!!! The boys were very scared!!! Which I was too, but felt that I had to be strong for the boys and Chantal!! We were out there and Richard was on the phone with us the whole time. First we were sitting in the family room and then we saw the glass in the french doors starting to move so we decided to go in the living room and we had planned if it got any worse we would all get down next to the center wall and flip the couch over us!!! Finally it all calmed down and all was better! Around 4am I came back home and there was tree limbs everywhere!!! Luckily all was fine here at home! We did have a couple of small things happen, but nothing major!

Here is a small tree that had fallen down beside the driveway.

And here is another tree that had blown up from the roots. The top is caught in another tree, that is the only thing that stopped it from falling on over! As you can see the fence is attached to this tree so we will have to redo it.
But again, this is small things compared to other people that has lost their lives from it. So sad!

The electric went off around 6am so I didn't send the boys. They had been up most of the night and were exhausted. I called the school around 10:30am, they were getting ready to dismiss, because of flooding! She said they were concerned about not being able to get some of the children home!


Moneik said...

Oh my gosh! What a horrific experience. I was watching the news and wondered where you were in realation to all that was going on. I'm so glad to hear you and your family are alright. Hopefully you'll have a better day today and maybe you can sleep tonight. Do you live near a lake or river that would cause the flooding?

Jen said...

I too was freaking bout about where the tornados were in relation to you. I hope you all get to sleep today. I'm glad that you were with Chantal.

I'm soooooo glad that you all are ok. How did the animals fare?

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I'm so glad that everyone is alright and that you were all with your sister. We're having a big snow storm and I've been sitting watching it out the window but it's nothing compared to tornados. How did the animals fare?

Guðrún said...

This is something I would not like to experience. You did great by being the strong one for your boys and your sister.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it through the night. I'm in central Kentucky. School is out here because electricity is off but schools in the next county up were closed due to damage and trees down on roadways. We just got lucky.

Hope you are having a better day.


Floss said...

Oh my, what a stressful night. I would be stressing out. I agree with let the boys rest, if they have been up most the night. Glad you could be strong for the boys and your sister.

Suzan said...

Thank goodness you and yours are all ok. I am sure it was a scary time for everyone.

Hazel said...

Sooo glad you and your family are ok how terrifying that must have been .I think you sent it up our way ,we had ice every where this morning and now the high winds and snow ,so glad I don't have to go out any where. .

Amelia said...

Oh, I was so glad to see that you had a new post...was so worried about you.

You were so fortunate not to suffer much damage.

Nancy said...

Kristie, I'm so glad to hear that are all OK. I didn't realize that you were in the path of the storm. Moms can do extraordinary things when the pressure is on, as you demonstrated last night by staying strong for the boys. Hope today has been a better day!