Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Restless Day

Seems like such a long day! I guess I am just feeling lonely. Hubby has been off from work since last Thursday and has to go back to work tomorrow. The boys start school on Tuesday. I asked Richard what I was supposed to do and he said " Sew! That's what you always do" Oh well, I just enjoy them being home with me.

Anyway, today I started trying to clean and sort my huge double closet that I keep my fabric and things in. I think I made a bigger mess!!! :) I dragged most of it out and then got tired of sorting and just left it in the floor until tomorrow :) I have all of it stored in my bedroom, you should have saw hubbys face when he opened the door to go to bed!!! He just looked at me and said "I don't want to know, do I?" I told him to just step over it and go to bed!!!

Here is a bunch of the mess that I had piled on the bed. Of course, had move all of it before he went to bed.

This is a tote that I filled with yardage. I think in the end I should have at least 3 of these if not more. Then I have a ton of fabrics that are 1 yard or less, I don't even want to think of that right now. I even filled on of the 22gallon totes with backings! Didn't realize I had that many backings. And to think I go buy them when I need them instead of digging for them.

These are a few blocks that I did on my Storm At Sea wallhanging. I have most of it cut out and ready to sew. It is all paper piecing, which I love at the moment! These blocks don't look that hard, but they are only 3 inchs so they have very tiny pieces. Hope to have more of that to show later.

After Richard went to bed, I started feeling restless so I loaded the boys up and we drove to town!!! HeeHaw!!! As most of you know I don't leave the house alot. I usually try to make one trip to town a week! But like I said, I was restless...we stopped for something quick to eat, stopped by the Dollar Store, Dollar Discount, Food City, and Walmart! I hate our Walmart, they don't have much of anything. But I did pick up these magazines and a book!!! Doesn't this book look YUMMY????

I don't know why on earth that I bought it. I have over 1000 of them in the bedroom, that I have not even read yet!

I also picked up the County Sampler. I love Country Sampler! This is the style of decorating that I love, hope to get some good ideas for the house. And of course, I love looking at their wood furniture. Hubby hates when I buy these because it only adds to his list of things to make for me!!! :)
And then I picked up this issue of Fons & Porter's Magazine. I haven't looked through it yet, but I'm sure I will get to it later tonight!

Hunter is not feeling well. He started getting sick while we were in town. He is complaining of a headache, his eyes are all red and he now has a temp. Nothing major I'm sure, you know how these little ones pick up little bugs all of the time. I gave him some Motrin, but now he needs some MOMMY TIME!


Carol VR said...

My lord that's a lot of fabric.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I so understand about making more of a mess than you had to begin with. When I did my bedroom closet it was that way too. In the end when it's all done it does feel great. I understand about the feeling restless. I worked 10.5 hours today for year end close and now that I'm home I want to do something but can't settle on one thing.

Suzan said...

My goodness! You sure do have a lot of fabric! Sometimes when the "organize bug" hits us we have no idea how big the job is going to be!! Hope Hunter feels better this morning!

Amelia said...

Sure hope Hunter is feeling better today.

School starting - seems like they just got out of school...time flies so fast.


ELIN - "The quilt maiden" said...

In Norway school starts 18th Aug. I've made an award to you at my blog.

countrychicken said...

That is a lot of fabric, but I suppose I have about that much yarn. Yikes!! You feel so much better after everything is put back, but then you mess it up again and have to straighten up. Looks like a good time was had in town. Hope Hunter is feeling better today.

Moneik said...

Wow! You have a ton of fabric. I can't believe all that you were able to find. Organizing takes work, but it's worth it to remember what you have in the stash.

Karol-Ann said...

It awful looks worse before it looks bettter!!!
Hope your little boy is better today!!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Just look at all that fabric! I wanna be just like you when I grow up....giggle....since I'm way older than you, that could be a problem....

QuiltedSimple said...

I have to clean my sewing room before I can finish anything else - it's a disaster. Maybe this weekend.. or not. Hope Hunter is feeling better soon! And that book looks really, really yummy!