Friday, July 4, 2008

My Sewing Day!!!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th!!! Fireworks We haven't done anything today to celebrate, but tomorrow evening we are going to a cookout at my BIL's house. His birthday was yesterday, so they always have a cookout to celebrate both his birthday and Independence Day!

We have been very busy today!!! I got up around 6:30am, fixed breakfast, and got ready to go into town. I had to do my grocery shopping, Walmart, and the feed store! After I got back home I rushed to get everything put away, we were going to work on the house and I had lots of sewing plans too. So first here are the new photos of the house!

We got this 20ft wall up today! It was so heavy, my back and shoulders hurt! It was only Richard, Andrew and me trying to stand it up! I am only 5ft tall so it was very hard for me to push this 12ft wall up!! But it is up so I guess I should stop complaining! Anyway, this is the front wall of Breanna's bedroom! Her bedroom will be 16x20 with 2-6ft closets.

Now this photo is what will be my sewing room...someday!!! It was hard to get a good photo of it, but it will go from the edge up front to 4ft behind the beams that are standing. I am taking the photo from Breanna's room so you also see her wall in front of me.

This is a front view of the house progress so far!

While we were up on the second floor working Hunter was playing with chalk. I found this precious sentence in the middle of his drawings! Of course, he got a big hug from mom!!

Now on to my quilty things! I have two more blocks for my Civil War Diary Quilt finished! This first one is called "Everyday Chores" 25 pieces in this one.

This one is called "A Union Of Name" with a total of 33 pieces! These blocks take me a while, since the pieces are so small and I guess I am slow too.

I also made this tablerunner from leftover pieces of my Orange Crush quilt. I still need to quilt and bind it. I have the binding cut so I will probably do all of that tomorrow.

I still plan to get a little more sewing in before bed tonight! First thing in the morning, we are getting up going out for breakfast and stopping by the flea market! Hubby made a big mistake today, he said...."I want you to get ALL of the fabric that you want tomorrow. I know you have been sick with your thyroid and haven't been feeling the best, so you deserve it" That was the wrong thing to say to me!!!! Now I just hope she has lots of fabric that I like!!!!



Anonymous said...

Looks like it's going to be a big house, can't wait to see the finished sewing room. When i saw that table runner I was drooling, and then realized I have those blocks too!! Thanks for the great idea!!!!!! (how did you finish your OC-with those blocks or solid border?)

Amelia said...

Looking great as always.

Sounds like you had a busy day and another one coming up. Have fun at the cook out.

Oh yes, here's hoping you find many, many yards of fabric at the flea market.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Well, look out flea market because this girl is going to be shopping like crazy, The house sure is coming along nicely.

QuiltedSimple said...

Looks like you had a really great day - sewing wise and building wise. Can't wait to see all the fabric you come home with!!

Karol-Ann said...

What a sweet note from your son and a wonderful thought from your DH. You lucky lady!!
And more great blocks!!!

jillytacy said...

The house is really coming along. Hunter's chalk sentence is too sweet!!! That's a photo you can cherish and show him when he's a teenager to remind him that he loves you! lol!

Moneik said...

How amazing the work that is being accomplished on the house. The note from Hunter is so cute.

Guðrún said...

I always enjoy seeing the progress on your house.

Jen said...

I love watching your house progress. Can I come visit in Breanna's room??

Janet said...

You must be so excited about your new house! Thanks for showing us pictures!