Monday, March 2, 2009

Thrifty Shopping!

Today I had to do some errands for mom that she was unable to get done before she left. So I had to make a trip to Paintsville! I have been trying to watch my pennies and not spend alot since Richard had lost his job back late last summer. I guess I look at things a little differently and I always think twice before I buy and ask myself "do I really need this" So I know I didn't really need these but I did buy them! :)

While I was in Paintsville I stopped at Walmart! They were just putting out their "March Quilt Of The Month" patterns and fabrics. What I love about these fabrics is that they are only $2 a yard! Here is the pattern...

A nice Springy looking pattern and the quilt measures 83x99. I bought the fabrics that it required and it was $22 for fabric for the top and the binding! Now how thrifty is that???

As I was waiting for my fabric to be cut I looked around a bit more...and found these. They were in the $2.44 per yard section and I bought 1/2 yrd of each of them! Just a little something extra to add into my stash.

Then I headed on up to the bookstore and found these great books! This first one is hardback and has a ton of quilting designs. Regular priced at $23 and I got it for $4!
This book here has beautiful patterns in it with several different layouts. It was regular priced at $25 and I got it for $3! So in the end I spent just over $35 for fabrics and books! Not too bad, I don't think! I actually started feeling a little guilty for buying them but then I was telling Richard what I had bought and he assured me that I DID deserve them! :) Gotta love a good husband! :)
Then on the way home I stopped by the mailbox and look what I got! A beautiful birthday card from Amelia! Certainly brightened my day! Thank you so much, Amelia!
So after my long morning, I came home and took a nap! Got up started dinner and had it ready for the boys got home from school. Now I am waiting for Richard to get home. Here it is 7:40pm and he has been out since 4am this morning and he still isn't home! I expected him earlier but he called to say that he was going to work late! Giggle....I wonder if he is trying to make up for my spending today!!! :) hehehe


Amelia said...

Love all of your fabric selections. The books will be fun to look at...even if you don't make any quilts from them. It is like looking at a cook can always dream.

Have a fun week!

Belvie said...

Hmmm! The WM in my area has fabrics, but no quilt of the month or even patterns. Even the fabric selection is not good.

You did make a thrifty buy there. Be sure to share when you get it made. And books....well, books are always a good thing.

Aren't we all watching those pennies these days. Things just seem to go from bad to worse.

KyQuiltlady said...

Sounds like a good buy for all that. I am going to have to find that book store. Is it open on Sundays? I am usually up there on Sunday afternoon. the quilt sort of reminds me of the Burgoyne Surrounded. I have been watching Eleanor Video while she makes the Burgoyne Surrounded on QNN.

Winona said...

Hi Kristie,
Looks like you got some good bargains. When is your birthday? Today is mine, so I was wondering if ours is on the same day. LOL I don't think our Wal Mart has the quilt of the month projects either. At least I haven't seen them, if they do. Have a good night.

Michelle said...

Lots or pretties! I have a lot of books too, and I know I'll never make anything from them, but looking at them and dreaming is like enjoying a nice treat, and for the prices you pay, what a bargain!

When is/was your birthday?

Jacky O said...

Now thats what I call a great shopping day! Very pretty fabrics,a fun pattern and great books!! I love quilt books!!
So what are you going to work on next?
Have a great night!
Jacky O

Hazel said...

Hi Kristie I couldn't find your birth date but did want to wish a Happy Birthday .
More and more of us our hunting the thrift stores not out of need but its the hunt that intrigues us .We all love to save a buck and you done really well today .Good for you

Gina said...

great fabrics.
I've got the quilting book, it's got some great ideas in there

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Tazzie said...

Wow Kristie, you really did get some amazing bargains. I am so impressed with how much you got for your money. And yes, you definitely deserve it!

vtquilter said...

Love the fabrics and what deals you find! Our WM doesn't have a block of the month.... but they do have some cute fabric.

Norma said...

You did good lady!! There is only one thing better than a bargain and that would be a bargain on fabric! Most of the Wal Marts around here no longer have fabric.

You can NEVER have enough books. I am sure after being shut up all winter with the bad snow that a shopping trip felt great! So now, you are all ready to be housebound again with fabric and new books!

QuiltedSimple said...

What great finds you got! Our wal-mart got rid of their fabric department, which is a real bummer.