Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lots Of Love!

Saturday morning, I had to run in to town for some horseshoe nails! While I was there, I passed a yard sale and I saw that they had FABRIC! Of course, I had to turn around!!! This is what I got! One LARGE baseball panel twin size! 2 yrds of sheep flannel, 1/2 yrd of patriotic fabric, 2 baby quilt panels, John Deere pillow panels, 1 yrd of turtle fabric, 1/2 yrd of fabric with religious quotes on it. Also 3 quilt magazines and a package of playdough that had not been opened! All of this for $3!!!!!!!!!!! Yep! $3! I was very happy!

Hunter was tired by the time that we got back home, can you tell??? hehehehe! He sat down to play with his playdough and when I walked back through this is how he was! Of course, I did get him up and lay him on the couch, this just was not comfortable.
I got my quilt finished that I had on the frame! This is an older top that I did several years ago. It is called "Lots Of Love" A big quilt with 238 pieced hearts in it.
Here is a photo of the back. I just did a large stipple on it. Now I just need to add it to my pile of tops that need binding! I think I now have 3 that need binding.
Today, I HOPE to get the house cleaned, since everyone is gone today, Richard back to work and the kids are in school. If I have time after that I want to pin another quilt on the frame!



Belvie said...

Good bargains at that yard sale!

That's a pretty quilt. You have so many pretty ones!

Wanna come clean my house too! Mines a mess and I don't feel like cleaning it.

Amelia said...

Great buy on your yard sale items.

Enjoy the week - hopefully showers of blessings.

KyQuiltlady said...

Another quilt finished and more material to replace that top. LOL The quilt is beautiful! Looks like Hunter had a good day also.

Yvette said...

Yeah! Another quilt done! This one looks great too.

Ahhhh, poor baby was too tired to even play.

Anonymous said...

Good deal on the fabric, cute turtles! Hunter falls asleep anywhere? Looks like he loved his playdough!!
The quilt is very pretty. With all the rain (raining here anyways) it is a good day to sew or clean, but sewing sounds sooo much better!!

Julia said...

Great buys Kristie..
Another quilt done...well done!
My youngest was the same..would sleep anywhere!.
Julia ♥

Darci said...

Dear Kristie,

I finally found your blog. Dunno why it took me so long seeing as you found me quite awhile ago! Congratulations on your quilt frame! I have been trying to learn to use mine. Pantos are darn hard for me! This past weekend, I got a new machine, a Janome 1600P, for my frame. I like it! Looks like you are making quite a dent in finishing all those tops. You are doing a beautiful job. Wish I could do as well, but I'm gonna need to practice lots more.


Ruth's Place said...

I'm envious of your yard sale find. Yard sales don't exist here.

Love your new quilt, so pretty, and I'm so impressed with how fast you've mastered the quilting machine.

Guðrún said...

Another great quilt. How long does it take you to quilt one top?

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

You have made a lot of beautiful quilts! I visited the blog with the pics of your quilts. Stunning! Wish I could be that productive some day :o)
Have a great weekend:o)

Lady of the Cloth said...

I wish I lived closer, I love to do bindings. I find it so relaxing. But I have to send my tops out to have them quilted. I love your quilt and I'm always amazed at how many you get done.