Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bindings, Bindings, and more Bindings

I really hate to sound like I am bragging but today I seem to be feeling pretty good!!!!! :)

As I mentioned the other day I was working on some bindings. I have a big stack of quilts that still need bindings. I haven't counted them but I would think there are probably 5 or 6 more. Here are 3 of them that I have finished. I am working on another right now and several more to go.
This one is a crib quilt that will be donated. It is quilted with "on the forest floor" pantograph. I think this was my practice piece for that panto. Anyway the binding is done and ready to go.
This one is a bed size Hole in the Barndoor and it is also quilted with "on the forest floor" pantograph. The binding is now done on this one too.

This one is a bed size "Stacked Coins" quilt. It is quilted with the "fleurs" pantograph. The binding is now done on this one too.
I took a spell a while back that I would quilt them and throw them in a pile to do the bindings later. Now.....I have a huge stack that needs bindings but I will get to them.
This is the one that I am working on right now. It is a bed size "Trip Around The World" All done in solids. I was trying to think which panto that I used for quilting but I can't remember the name right off. Anyway, I just started the binding on this one last night.
After my shopping trip with mom, I slept most of the day yesterday. I was really tired. It has been a while since I actually slept that much in one day. So far today I am feeling pretty good. I got up this morning and baked 3 loaves of Banana Nut Bread. I sent one loaf to Mom and Chantal, one for us to eat today and the other loaf went in the freezer. This evening will be Trick-or-Treat for Hunter. I plan on going with him, but if I can't walk that much I will sit in the car and Richard can go with him. Wish me luck!!!!!


Honey Bear said...

You have been really busy - you put me to shame as I have not even been in my sewing room for a week! Beautiful quilts.

jillquilts said...

Good luck with the trick or treating tonight!! I'm so happy that you are having a good day! And way to go on getting those bindings done! :)

julieQ said...

Have fun Trick or treating...I am just so glad to hear you are feeling a little better! Your quilting is wonderful, Kristi.

Libby said...

Look at you!! Sewing bindings can be so relaxing (sometimes) I love handwork and I love bindings cause it means you are done!!!

Those quilts look beautiful! but your quilts are always beautiful!

Good Luck trick-or-treating!! What is Hunter going as? We will do our thing tomorrow night!
Glad you are feeling good today!