Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hunter's Trick-Or-Treat Night

Trick-or-Treat went fine, just really tired and having some pain this morning. Actually I think after this post I will probably hit the bed. Anyway Hunter had a great time! We live out in the county so we have to travel in to town to trick-or-treat, about a 20 minute drive or so. First we stopped at McDonald's. I'm not real crazy about McDonald's but it is Hunter's favorite.
After leaving McDonald's we quickly put his costume on so that we could you can see he was Darth Vader from Star Wars! He is a big Star Wars fan!
Here he is trick-or-treating at one of the houses. I didn't make it the whole trip, had to go back to the truck but Richard was with him.
After he was finished we stopped by Grandma's (this is Richard's Grandmother) She always waits for us to stop by every year after Hunter gets finished. She likes to see his costume and always has him a big treat. She is very special to us all, she is now 90 yrs old and she raised Richard.
Here she is with Richard. She is crazy about Richard and Hunter! To her, Richard is her baby! She recently had surgery, ( a couple of months ago ) She had cancer on her forehead, actually it covered over half of her forehead. They removed it and pulled the remaining skin together the best they could. You can still see a little scaring and her hair is just now starting to grow back in from where they shaved it.
We did have a great evening but now I'm off to bed for a while. Maybe later I will feel like working on some bindings...


orchidlover said...

Great photos. It's great when families like yours are so close

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Honey Bear said...

Hunter's costume is great. Glad he had a good time and it was not too hard on you. Rest well.

jillquilts said...

Love Hunter's costume! I am glad to hear that you walked some with Hunter! Get some rest!

Libby said...

Star Wars is very cool!! Cade went as a Jawa from Star Wars last year. I know Hunter was either Luke or Aniken one year wasnt he?
I know that visit meant alot to Richard's Grandmother! So sweet!
Now, get some rest!!

Texan said...

Hey girly, I am glad to see you back posting, I wondered where you were... I just read back to your last post in March, you must have been injured... I am sorry to read this but happy you are well enough to post again. :O)

Grandmas that raise us are very special people. You know my Grandma raised me over half my life. She was truly a saint on this earth...

Now that I know your back, I will be back :O).

Yvette said...

I always enjoy your photo's. Thank God grandma is healing, she seems like such a special lady and I hope Richard has her around for many more years.