Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Civil War Quilts and Fabrics

As most of you may know that my favorite fabric is Civil War Reproduction fabric! I LOVE it! I just can't get enough of it! It is a good thing that money is so tight right now because I think if I could I would have a piece of every one of them that I could find!

A few years ago, when I first saw the Civil War Love Letters and Civil War Diary patterns, I fell in love with it then. Of course, we as a family love anything to do with the Civil War anyway. A few years ago, I bought both of these books and the Cd's to print the blocks. As of right now I have ALL of the Love Letter blocks pieced and sewn together. Now I just need to peel all the paper from the back, which I should have done before I sewed them together. You can see a few of my blocks here.
So this morning, I was looking at my quilt top and started thinking....I know, that really gets me in trouble!! LOL! Anyway, first let's talk more about my Love Letter quilt. All 121 blocks are done in pink and brown Civil War fabrics. After I peel the paper off, I will be ready for the borders. I've had this border fabric for a couple of years now. I can't wait to get it all finished.
I also started the Civil War Diary quilt too. Actually, I think I started it first, but then I fell in love with the pink and browns so I completed the other blocks first. On the CWDQ I have 81 of the 121 blocks finished on it. Here they are! Only 40 more to go!
So while I had this out I was thinking that I would like to finish these blocks sometime this year. I looked for my CD to print off the rest of the blocks and remembered that I had loaned it to a dear friend. She seems to think that she returned them and I'm not saying that she didn't but I don't remember it and I can't find them. Oh that means that I will soon have to order another CD.
I am a member of the Civil War Diary Yahoo Group that is run by Rosemary Youngs, the author and wonderful quilter. So I got on there to see how much it was to order another CD. Long story short....I still haven't ordered the CD because I got sidetracked! Yep, that is easy for me to do! LOL! Anyway, I found out that she has a website/blog now and is posting some free blocks on there too. One BOM is pieced blocks and two of the BOM's are applique! You should really check them out! But the best news is..............SHE IS COMING OUT WITH ANOTHER BOOK/PATTERN IN MAY OF 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, I have been hoping that she would, I just LOVE her patterns and the stories are amazing. The books are worth buying for the stories, even if you don't plan on making the quilts!
So now one of my goals are to get the other 40 blocks done and the top pieced before the next book comes out in 2012.
Of course, I have sooooooooo many other things that I need to get caught up on and get finished before then too. Like.....
These blocks. A fellow blogger, Mary, designed this pattern and I fell in love with it when she posted it on her blog. She has the pattern for free too! Anyway, I had to change some of the fabric placements around because of the amount of fabrics that I had on hand. This is done in Civil War fabrics too. She calls hers, "churn dash and stars", but I think I will call mine, "Civil War Wreaths" Like I said it is the same pattern that she has and all of the credit goes to her, but I had to change some fabric placements on mine. I really want to work on this one too!
Also in this tub, are my Midget Blocks, that I am behind on! The goal is one block a week and I think I only have 2 blocks done! I know, it is sad.... :( Oh and my BB Civil War Quilt blocks are in here too! I think I am two blocks behind on that and there are only 5 of them posted so far!
I have a couple more customer quilts to quilt and I would like to try to start working on some of these things! It is so hard to catch up once you get behind on a BOM or a BOW.
I did finish the customer quilt that I had on the frame yesterday, the one with the birds on it. I am currently sewing the binding down on it. I have two quilts to quilt for this customer and she wants the binding done also. I do enjoy working on the bindings. Anyway I have her second quilt loaded now and ready to start quilting on it in the morning. Here it is before I loaded it on.I think she said it was made as a gift for a choir teacher at one of the local schools. She requested that I quilt it with a "musical" pantograph.
Oh and I also prepared 8 more of my basket blocks too! That takes me up to 30 of them. Not sure how many I will make. The blocks for this are 8 inches.
I know this is a long post but I got really excited this morning about the new book coming out next year! It really makes me want to get some of this other stuff finished so that I don't feel so bad starting something else. I just hope this excitement lasts until I get them done. LOL! But even if I don't get these others done, I will start on it anyway!!!!!!!!


Joanne said...

I loved seeing the CWLL quilt blocks - the white in all of them really makes them sparkle.
I am off to check out the free blocks!! Thanks!♥

Yvette said...

I totally remember when you were working on these quilts. That is when I found your blog. I have both of those books and one day hope to make them. I need to get the CD's too.

Did you know reproduction fabric was my favorite too? I adore it! I have 5 CW quilts in progress now and want to start the two weekly ones floating around on the internet.

OOOH! I love your baskets! I downloaded a basket template from my computer and want to try one.

Cheryl Willis said...

I so hope you or your friend find the CD. Or that someone on line offers to print you the missing blocks.
Lovely eye candy you shared- thanks. cw

Libby said...

I cant wait to see your CW quilt all put together. Those quilts are true treasures. The quilt shop near here is dong a class called "A Day in the Life of a Civil War Lady" (or closed to that) it will be all about that time period, fabrics, patterns and life style. I really really want to go!

Honey Bear said...

You are such a busy lady and your blocks are so pretty!

jillquilts said...

Luckily, there is always something new for us quilters to get excited about!! :) I love all those blocks! I thought about getting the Civil War books, but I just haven't been able to convince myself to make them. lol

marth225 said...

I'd say your plate is full - but isn't that a good way to be.

Katie said...

I lovethe Civil War fabrics too- just got into the small quilts this year. I will look into these books. By the way- I love that photo on your sidebar of the pile of quilt tops! Brilliant! I fear i am headed in that direction. ha! Lovely blog!