Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Picked up a few goodies today...

I'm sitting here waiting for Hunter to get home from school. I have to listen for the bus because it hurts is feelings if I'm not standing at the door as he runs down the driveway. I guess I had better enjoy it while I can because it will not be long until he thinks he is too big for Mommy to be waiting for him to get home so that I can give him a big hug.

This morning, Richard and I went to Ashland with the truck and trailer to purchase the drywall for the house! I was very excited to finally be getting that. We could only haul half of the load today and we will have to go back on Friday to pick up the rest of it. Today we ended up bringing home 150 sheets. They weigh 53 lbs each so that is a total of 7950 pounds (right at 4 tons) that Richard will be unloading by himself tonight! Poor guy! I do feel sorry for him but he is very determined to unload it. He has been carrying it 1 and 2 sheets at a time into the house!

While we were in Ashland, Richard stopped by Harbor Freight and next door was Sew Many Blessings Quilt Shop!!!! So I headed in there while he was doing his thing! I picked up a few things but most of what I got was on sale! I picked up these 3 patterns...

This one is my favorite! I can't wait to make it!
Also picked up a couple pieces of Moda. I LOVE anything paisley so this one caught my eye! On sale for $5 yard!I have a customer quilt on the frame but haven't started the quilting on it yet. I really need to get that done soon. It is another musical quilt like I quilted a few weeks ago. The customer did a wonderful job on the piecing and that sure makes them easier to quilt.

I'm off....Hunter is coming and I need to finish up supper!


Amelia said...

The house is moving right along..I know you will be so excited to get moved in.

Texan said...

ewww exciting you are getting the sheet rock for your house!

I remember when the sheet rock started going up here it was so exciting.

Everything you got at the quilt shop looks very nice! That wallet pattern really looks nice! The snowman, love the saying on it :O)

Rhoda said...

I really like that first pattern!

Lib said...

Yes! I am your Mom's Friend Lib.So happy to hear from you!
Hope your Mom is doing good !
My e address lmjoines@comcastdotnet
Thanks for stopping by

Lib said...

I Love your snowman!
Have a great wk.end.
Put your Mom a letter in the mail yesterday, hope shes doing better!

Libby said...

Oops! I missed this post! I love that you wait at the door for Hunter! I do the same thing for Cade..but being in the 5th grade he has told me to wait at the door...not at the end of the driveway!!! They grow up fast!
Hope you had a great weekend!

Kathie said...

love that little snowman tooo cute!
enjoying seeing the pictures of your new home and your excitement is just fun to read!