Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pulling Fabrics...

I really didn't get anything accomplished today. I wanted to get my quilting frame put back together but that didn't happen. :( Richard wanted me to go with him to pick up a truck part so I did. I do enjoy spending all the extra time with him but picking up truck parts is just not my thing. LOL! Anyway, while we were out we stopped by the grocery store. After we got back home he wanted me to sit out there and talk to him while he worked on the truck....he is such a big baby. :)

I did manage to pull some fabric from my scrap basket for a throw for the couch. I know I have a million quilts that I could use but I'm just in the mood to make something simple and to use up some scraps too. I'm thinking either a "Puss In the Corner" or a "Churn Dash" not really sure yet. My scrap basket has pieces that are smaller than a fat quarter but are still too big to cut up for strings or small squares. Hopefully I can decide on which pattern that I want to do and start cutting tomorrow.
This evening Richard wanted us to go on another walk....see why I love this man. :) Anyway, we had a nice little walk but by the time we got back my hip was burning pretty good but it's all better now. Here is the sun setting over top of our house.
A photo of Hunter while on our walk. See his little machine gun that he made by nailing together some scrap pieces of wood....such an imagination. He is fascinated by anything that has to do with the military and the whole time we were walking he was pretending he was a Marine...just like Richard.
And on the way back down the driveway I snapped this photo of Festus taking it easy.
I'm loving this warm weather but tomorrow it is supposed to turn cool and start raining the rest of the week. :( Probably no more walks this week.


Lib said...

I love this weather too ! We're suppose to get rain tomorrow too.
Haven't been crafting enjoying being outdoors.
Hope you have a great wk.

Yvette said...

I love seeing where you live!

QuiltedSimple said...

We too are having awesome weather - but it's supposed to be thunderstorms today....bummer......i just love Hunter's imagination - how terrific!
Have a great day!

julieQ said...

Such pretty fabric, Kristie! I will be watching to see what you are up to...pretty day for a walk in the woods!!

Libby said...

Can't wait to see what you make! and I love seeing around yalls farm! BTW My Cade loves anything Guns and military too!