Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cutting the day away...

This morning didn't start out as I had planned. Seems that Richard and I had different plans for today. You see, I had planned on getting up early, getting all of my chores done and put a quilt on the frame. But that didn't happen! Richard had planned on getting up early, getting his chores done and sanding the drywall upstairs and my frame is up there. So with all of that dust I could not load a quilt on the frame. I will have to wait until he gets all of the sanding done on the second level before I can do that, just too much drywall dust.

So I ended up taking a bucket and a scrub brush and scrubbing the floor in front of my cabinets and around the wall in my kitchen of our current place. It was horrid!! I was ashamed once I started that I had let it get that bad. That took me forever and now my back and knees are paying for it, but at least my kitchen floor looks better.

After that mess, I went to the mailbox and my Dresden Plate ruler/template had came today. So I started digging through scraps! This is what I got cut today.......over 400 wedges!! Enough to make 20 blocks!This is only part of them. All of the pieces were cut from my scrap bin and didn't have to cut into my yardage so that made me feel great to be able to use those pieces first. I'm not going to be in a big hurry with this quilt, I just want to work on it when I want to and enjoy the whole thing. I think I will work on one block at a time. I will piece one block at a time until I get them done and then I will do the applique on them. I'll have to pick up some background fabric when I can too. Kristie

(Sorry about the clipart but I could not get this to post with a space between my paragraphs)


Joanne said...

The dresden plates are going to be beautiful and how wonderful that you were able to use scraps. I am working on a project cut from scraps that I plan to take my time on too - it is nice to have it all cut and ready for sewing.♥

Libby said...

Good Grief, my back hurts just from reading about your cleaning day!
Love your scrap pieces. I have said it before but you do such an amazing job with scrap quilts! Enjoy your process!

Sew Unique Creations said...

I love my dresden plate ruler and have a bin full of cut pieces waiting to be made into a quilt! I love scrappy style quilts!

Lib said...

Love your scrap pieces.
You have been a busy bee. I can relate to your kitchen.lol
Have agreat day!

Rhonda said...

The best laid plans and all. But things worked out anyway. I love the dresden plate design, your color choices look the old fashion part ... can't wait to see more.