Monday, April 25, 2011


I thought I would drop by for an update! Nothing major going on here just busy doing little things. First off....Mom went back to work! If you remember a while back I mentioned that one of the anchors had backed out of her shoulder about halfway. Well, the surgeon said that there was nothing else that he could do with her shoulder and that there wasn't anything in there for him to work with so redoing the surgery would only make her worse. So after a lot more physical therapy she is still only able to raise her arm about halfway! She can't raise it above her head without assistance from someone else or by using her other arm to raise it up. So she is nowhere near back to where she should be but they did let her go back to work to try it after she asked them to release her. Broke my heart for her to leave after having her home since the middle of November 2010! One thing is that is miss her so much and then I am also worried about how she will do out there and hopefully not do any further damage to her shoulder. She flew out to Jackson, Mississippi last Thursday. All I know right now is that she is floating somewhere on the Mississippi river between Memphis, TN and New Orleans, LA. I talked to her once because her cell signal is not the best down there, but she said that the guys on the boat were doing everything that they could to help her.

Now on to other things....PATIENCE!...Patience is something that I do not have!!! I can remember as a child that my grandmother would always tell me "Be Patient" and I would say "You know that I can't!" LOL! As you know I had to move my frame out to the new house to make room in here for my new couch and chair. Using it out there would not be a problem but first there was the drywall. All of the sanding and dust from that just makes too big of a mess for me to quilt up there until that is finished. I have a few quilts that I really need to get done! Trust me I know how important it is to get all of that stuff done so that we can move on to something else in the house but that just really messed my plans up! So then, the other day...I walked out to the house to take some boxes and I swear if Richard didn't have the stairs taken apart!!! See we only had temporary stair treads up there until we were ready to put the "real" ones down. Well, he didn't tell me that he was going to do that NOW! LOL! Imagine my shock when I walked out there and there was not a way for me to get upstairs!! So until he gets the staircase completely finished, I can only stand in the living room and stare up at my lonely quilt frame and a lot of my quilting supplies! :( Last night I asked him how long it would be and he said "maybe another 2 weeks!" EEKK! Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that he is working on the staircase and he has worked so hard making each and every piece of them himself, but I WANT TO QUILT!

So meanwhile, I have been working on bindings that need to be done. I finished the binding on the sailboat quilt. And during the evenings I am working on the binding of a huge flannel quilt. I don't work on it very long at a time because it is so hot with that thing on my lap.
I am still in the process of cleaning, sorting, packing and throwing away a bunch of stuff! I didn't realize that we had so much stuff. I have a bunch of stuff boxed up and sitting next to the front door that needs to go upstairs in the new house (but I can't take those out until I have stairs!) LOL! There are things like trophies, books and odds and ends that the boys can do without until we move in the house later in the summer (hopefully). I also have a bunch more of my quilting things boxed up and ready to go out there like, batting scraps, kits, and more UFO's.

So while I was in my bedroom cleaning out my closet I took a photo of my bed. I know that is probably silly but I just love the quilt that is on there. It is faded and well used but it is so comfy. It has been washed a million times and has that "crinkly" I love them when they crinkle up. I also took this photo of the stack of quilts that is in my bedroom too! I try to keep them stacked neatly but that is near impossible. I really need to go through and refold them all to keep out permanent wrinkles, maybe I will get to that in a day or too.

I washed and dried this one that I finished the binding on a few days ago. I is nice and crinkly too. I am pleased with how it washed up.

Back to cleaning and packing...I am in the process of sorting through my romance novels. Some I am boxing up and they will go to the new house and some I am getting rid of. So it takes a while to pick and choose. I have a huge pile that I will take to the bookstore and trade in for "store credit"



Yvette said...

WOW!! That is quite a stack of quilts you have there. I really love the one on your bed too.

DOH! That Richard! How could he separate you from your machine. LOL!!! Before you know it, you will be living nice and cozy in your new home.

Lib said...

Thanks for the update on your Mom!
Hope work goes well for her.
You sure have a stack of quilts!
Have a great wk.

Libby said...

Ouch! Your poor Mom! I hope that she doesnt over-do it! She was probably ready to be back at work though!
I love that quilt on your bed too! Quilts are the best when they are all soft and crinkly! and your sailboat quilt is wonderful! I have always wanted to try that pattern!

Me and My Stitches said...

I love your stack of quilts! Be patient (lol) your house will definitely be worth the wait!

Rhonda said...

Oh Kristie, I know exactly what you mean about being patient .... sometimes it's difficult. And it would freak me out not to be able to get to my quilting stuff....
deep breaths and as the little guy in Kung Fu Panda repeated over and over....... inner peace, inner peace, inner peace ........ ;-]

jillquilts said...

Two whole weeks? That's craziness! Lol. Good luck. I'm sure you can do more cleaning and packing to keep you busy. Lol

Floss said...

hopefully you can get back to your quilting soon. I love the quilt on the bad too.

Guðrún said...

I also love that crinkly look.