Tuesday, May 31, 2011

35 more blocks!

I got 35 of these little strip blocks finished today! They measure 5.5 inches. I worked on them since I already had them out from yesterday. Not sure how many I will make or what design I will use them with when I do get them done, I don't want to do anything too fancy just simple.

This brings me to a total of 50 of these blocks so far. It is sooooo hot here today! The thermometer read 101 degrees in the shade! Richard was out running fence again today for about 7 hours. I guess he got too hot but he would not admit it! When he came in he got something to drink, got a shower and went to bed and that is just not like him at all. I'm going to get him up in a few minutes and make him eat something.

Mom came home today! She stopped by for a few minutes before she went on home. She looks so tired! I think she needs a few days of good rest! I'm glad she is home for a few weeks.

If Richard feels like it later tonight I'm going to see if he will help me adjust the tension on my quilting machine so that I can get those quilted. I have a hard time getting it adjusted by myself and want to pull my hair out so I just leave it to him. :) I have a couple of customer quilts to do then I have a few of my own that I want to do too. We don't have the air conditioning in the new house yet so it will be getting really hot up there but I usually get up around 5:30-6am so I could quilt early and finish it up late of an evening.



Honey Bear said...

Just be really careful in the heat as it can sneak up on you. It's been pretty hot in Texas too and having lots of wildfires in the panhandle where my Mom and a lot of my family live.

Yvette said...

Please keep that heat to yourself!!! LOL!
Have you seen the cover of American Patchwork this month? Those blocks you are making remind me of the scrap quilt that is on the cover.

Libby said...

Sweet blocks! I love making string blocks..very satisfying.
We are in the upper 90's. I'm not ready for that kind of heat yet! Sigh..I just don't have a summertime body;)

julieQ said...

What wonderful blocks, Kristie!! Hey, don't melt, and I will try not to melt too!!

Floss said...

Hopefully it will cool off a bit for you.

The blocks look great, makes me think I should pull out my string blocks.

QuiltedSimple said...

we keep going back and forth on the temps - early last week it was mid 90's, then down in the 70's and today was 91. Ugh. be careful in the heat!

rubyslipperz said...

How FUN...your blocks! Your photos really make me want to do some of these!

I have a long arm too...and tension can be a challenge...but don't give up...you'll get better at it!

=) new follower =)