Sunday, May 29, 2011

Strips, Strips and more Strips!

I finally was able to get upstairs to quilt, well....sort of... I had a quilt pinned on the frame but because of the wet stain on my stairs I could not get up there to quilt. So the stain finally dried so I thought I would go up there and quilt the quilt before we put the polyurethane on them. Well....I guess all of my tension is all out of whack from moving my frame and machine. This happened before when I moved it and I had a hard time getting it all adjusted correctly. Long story short....I took that quilt off of the frame and loaded a baby quilt on that will be used as a donation quilt so that I could work on my tension issues. I still don't have it exactly right so I will have to wait and get Richard to help me with it.

So meanwhile I got all of my strip sets pressed! That seemed like it took forever. There were 28 strip sets, I guess that is not really that many compared to some patterns but it was a lot for me to press. LOL! So now I'm in the process of subcutting them into 560 strips. I think my biggest problem will be keeping them all organized so that I don't get them mixed up. So I dug up some baskets to sort them in. I think once I get them all subcut the piecing will go fairly quick.....or so I hope. Now for some farm photos to show I has been going on up here on "top of the world" I made another batch of soap. I know have two batches that are curing and I hope to make a few more batches this coming week. I plan on making some honey & almond and some cranberry & mandarin.I ran up on this little guy as I was out feeding the horses. Harmless but I still hate snakes!And a couple of the girls out playing yesterday evening. Cocoa knocked my birdhouse off as you can see in this photo. I tried to get a good photo of Donkey playing with them, he actually likes the goats! :)And Sweetie chomping on some grass. Love my girls! They keep us provided with milk, cheese, butter and now soap!

I think I will take a nap for a bit. Richard and Hunter are at my mom's house. My sister called and said that they had water pouring from their hot water heater! :( So he went out there to take it out and I guess replace it in the morning.



Yvette said...

Snake!! That would be a deal breaker for me. LOL! Looks like I will live in the big city forever.

Texan said...

Your soap looks wonderful! I will email you the soap recipe I use just have to dig it out :O).

Honey Almond you can't go wrong with that! One of my favorites!

Can't wait to see your pattern develop in this quilt your working on.

Julia said...

Your soap looks wonderful...I beleive goats soap is good for the are so busy and clever Kristie..
That's going to be a gorgeous quilt..
Julia ♥

jillquilts said...

Too bad about the tension. I hope that you can get that worked out quickly!

Lady of the Cloth said...

I make soap too, and have been looking for a good goats milk recipe for ages. I don't have a source for fresh milk though. If I can find it in the health food store, I get that, otherwise I have to use powdered. Is yours an old secret family recipe or do you share? Yours is one of the blogs I read every morning to get my day going and you seem to get so much done compared to me. You put me to shame. Carline