Friday, May 4, 2012

Catching Up...

Here it is almost 3:30am and I can't sleep.  That weird pain that I have been having for months on my LEFT side and back is driving me crazy tonight and I just can't fall asleep.  But I'm not up alone, Hunter has a friend spending the night and they are still up playing the PS3.  :)  Thursday was the last day of school for him and his little friend came over after school.  They are really having a great time.  He is the son of a good friend that is also a Deacon and he and his wife are Hunter's Sunday School Teachers at Church.  So it's all good.  :)

As I mentioned in my last post things have been busy and hectic around here.  I'm trying to get a ton of things done before my surgery on Monday and I feel like I am running out of time.  At this point there is no way that I will get everything done before then.  I have been quilting like a crazy lady and still have 6 more quilts to do.  :(  So here is an update for the past few days...

Monday:  Hunter had a dentist appointment early that morning.  He needs a tooth pulled but that didn't happen.  He has a jaw tooth that is NOT loose and the permanent tooth is trying to come through the gum below it...sideways.  They could not pull it Monday because he had a little bit of an infection in that area and it would not numb.  He is on antibiotics and goes back on the 16th to have it pulled.  I also met a lady that morning and dropped off 3 quilts to her.  Honestly, I've not had time or even thought about taking photos of them all, but here is one that I did get.
 A very pretty quilt and she is excellent at piecing.  Her quilts are always so easy to quilt.
 Like I said, I have been so busy quilting that Hunter even came upstairs to visit with me while I was quilting. He had been outside playing in the dirt as you can see he is so dirty.  He came upstairs and fell asleep in the sofa in my sewing room.
Tuesday: I quilted most of the day and my back and hips where killing me from standing at the frame so long.  So that evening, Mom, Chantal, and I all went to the spa!!  I so needed that!  Mom picked me up around 4:30 and we stopped by and picked my sister up after work and on to the spa we went.  It was a nice evening having "girl time"  We all had some kind of herbal body wrap and then hit the sauna.  They put us on some kind of whole body vibrating machine, that thing was CRAZY!  :)  Also we had an aqua massage and a deep tissue massage.  Oh and mom had a foot massage.  It was all so nice.

While I was at the spa, Richard surprised me when I got home late that night.  He had finished painting the living room.  We had two walls in there that still were not painted.  One of the walls is 24ft high so I'm sure it took forever to paint.  He also painted the inside of the front door!  We still don't have the wood trim around it but at least it is painted.
Wednesday: Hunter has Award's Day at school early that morning.  Richard and I went for that.  It was nice and as you can see in the photo he was happy.
He ended up with 3 awards...reading, science and math!  I am so glad that school is out for the summer!  I always enjoy having my kids home.
Also Wednesday morning, mom and my cousin went to a little JCPenney outlet place.  This lady that we know buys this stuff by the pallets and most of it is either discontinued, returned, or overstock.  Anyway, I'm sure you know what I am talking about.  So mom called me on her way back home and said that she had huge braided rugs up there really cheap.  I'm talking room sized rugs for $60!!  Can't beat that!  Mom said that there was one really big one that had a small place on it that had came apart, she said it would be easily fixed.  She came by, picked me up and we went back up there.  So here is what I got!!!

A 8ft x 11ft oval braided rug, made by American Living for JCP.  Here it is in the master bedroom.  My bedroom is pretty big, as you can see it is in the middle of the floor and nothing is sitting on it.  But here is the deal....
The rug was damaged, it had a place that had pulled loose.  You can see it in this photo right down below the doggies.  There is a place a little over a foot long that needs to be stitched back.  Not a big deal to fix at all.  So like I said the rug measures 8ft x 11ft and is made by American Living.  I looked it up online and JCP still sells it!  It is priced for $500!!!  Of course, I would and could NEVER pay that much for a rug!!  But because of this place that needs fixed, I got it for........are you ready???......$25!!!  I was so excited!  I thought it was a great deal.  I haven't had time to sew that section back, but it's not like it will be a big job.  I'm happy with it and as you can see my little doggies love it too.  
After that I spent the rest of the day quilting.  :)

Now this brings me to Thursday!  So yesterday I had to drive the 90 minutes to the hospital where my surgery is scheduled and preregister and have bloodwork done.  I got all of that taken care of and on the way back stopped by the quilt shop to deliver a few more quilts that I had finished.  Actually, I delivered 4 of them.  One of them was that barn quilt that I showed the other day and the other 3, I didn't get photos of.

While mom and I were gone doing all of this stuff, Richard was home painting my kitchen and hallway!  He got the ceilings done in there and the hallway walls.  He only got one wall done in the kitchen but I'm sure he was tired.  I hate painting ceilings and my kitchen ceiling alone is 20ft x 20ft.  Anyway, the hallway walls are painted the same beige as my living room and all of the open area.  I have a paint color picked out for the kitchen but since we have so much of the beige paint leftover I'm going ahead and painting the kitchen with it until I can get the other.  I would rather have it painted with the beige than see the drywall!  I'll try to remember to take photos of it and show you next time.

So I guess that pretty much catches me up on the past week.  Since I have been up all night I figure at some point I will have to have a nap sometime today, but other than that I plan on quilting and cleaning.  I know that there is no way that I can get the other 6 quilts done before Monday but I want to do all that I can.  I also want to have my house nice and clean before my surgery Monday morning.  I don't want to come home and have to look at a messy house and not be able to get up and clean it.  I know I am just starting to panic over it.  My house isn't really dirty and mom and Richard will be here so they will do whatever needs to be done for a day or so.  I just don't want to have to have someone else do know what I mean.  The doctor said I would be down for probably 2-3 days, but Richard said more like a week.  That will drive me crazy because I don't like to be unable to do what I want.

My weekend will be spent quilting and cleaning and then surgery one Monday.  I'll post as I can and actually I will probably post again over the weekend.  I am so far behind on reading blogs, hopefully I can catch up on those after my surgery.

It's now 4:30am and I think I will start some laundry......


Suzan said...

Good grief! I am worn out just reading about your week! Have a wonderful weekend.

vtquilter said...

Kristie - relax girl! What doesn't get done can wait until you get to it. There is always tomorrow.... or a few weeks from now. As long as the customer quilts know that it might be the end of the month until they get them you should be fine. Housework will always be there....let it just settle and go play with Hunter and the animals. Good luck with your surgery. I'll be thinking of you on Monday but know you are in good hands to take care of you after. Hugs.

Me and My Stitches said...

You are a crazy girl! At least you make use of your time when you can't sleep. Good luck on Monday - will be sending prayers and hugs your way.

Yvette said...

Hi Kristie!
I am exhausted reading about your week. LOL! I am praying for a swift recovery for you. The quilts will still be there when you get back so don't worry about them. Be sure to have hand work ready for you in case you get stir crazy you can have something to work on.

Janet O. said...

Kristie--we are too much alike. I always want to "take care of everything" rather than have someone else have to, but I am trying to learn to step back and not stress over it all. It isn't easy, but my family appreciates it when I manage to do it because I seem more relaxed to them (when underneath it all I am thinking about all the things I should be doing).
Praying that things go well for you with the surgery.
That is a beautiful quilt you showed us, btw.

jillquilts said...

I hope that you are able to relax a little today before the surgery tomorrow. Great buy on that rug! And woo hoo for Richard getting all that painting done!!

I will be sending happy and calming thoughts tomorrow for you! Update us as soon as you can so that we all know you are recuperating well. :)

vtquilter said...

Thinking of you today. Hope surgery went well and you are on a nice road to recovery.