Monday, July 23, 2012

Wrapped In Red...Progress

 Today I was able to work on my red/white quilt.  It is actually called, "Wrapped In Red", but I can never remember the name so I just call it my red/white quilt.  As I mentioned yesterday, I had broke a needle and my machine was skipping.  Richard just didn't feel like adjusting it yesterday so he is up there doing that now as we speak.  So tomorrow I will be back to the grind.  I really need to get this quilt off the frame and off to the owner.  

So today I got to sew for myself since my quilting machine was down.  In my last post, I showed the units put together like this.  This is the center of the blocks.  I worked on these today and now have 14 of the 25 needed.  
Now I need a million of these units.  Well, not actually a million, but 256 of them....close enough right?
I did go ahead and lay out this block with all of the pieces.  The blocks will be set on point and I need a total of 25 full blocks and then all of the pieced setting triangles.  
So the next sewing day that I get for myself, I will be cutting out the 256 white rectangles and 596-- 2.5" squares in red.  I'm sure that I will take me a while to do.  But at the end of the day I am pleased with my progress on it.  

I also pressed 60+ of my blue HST's!!!  At least that is a start on the  1100+ of them.  I have the little tub sitting on my ironing board so I just press a few at a time.  It will be slow doing it that way but at least maybe I will not get overwhelmed with them.  
Late last night I finished up another basket blocks.  Makes me a total of 23, I think.  I have 6 more prepped, so I will work on them a  little during the evenings.  
 Oh and here is Donkey!  He has been just going in and out all summer and staying outside most of the time, but this morning he came upstairs and napped as I sewed.  Doesn't he look comfy?
 That is all for today, just waiting for Richard to adjust my machine and if it cools off up there I may do some machine quilting before bed.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day!


Janet O. said...

You never waste a minute, Kristie. So many projects moving ahead at the same time. It is a good way to never be bored. I love everything you make. We like the same colors and styles, it seems. : )

Lady of the Cloth said...

I love that red and white quilt. I wish I had the pattern. What magazine and date is it? i may be able to find it in the library? You get more done than 4 women, I swear, you are like the energizer bunny. Make it a good day, Carline

Me and My Stitches said...

Love your red and white! And the baskets. And everything else you are working on!

Yvette said...

You are making me want to collect red/white fabrics again. I gave all mine away when I finished my Nearly Insane quilts. Your quilt will be a beauty!

Did I tell you I got another kitten? He looks just like Donkey in that picture! I will have to show you a picture of him.

Goat Lady said...

Kristie, I love your red/white quilt just as everyone else does! Thanks for the closeup photo; think I may try to re-draft it in a smaller size and use Christmas fabrics, or not. Annie

bernie said...

Oh good job - I was just wondering about your red and white quilt when I saw your post come up on the allquiltingbiz blog. I want to start a new quilt top, but have been at a standstill this month. Your blog gives me encouragement. Bernie

Vesuviusmama said...

The number of blocks needed for projects is so overwhelming, I don't even keep count. I love how Wapped in Red is turning out!