Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bubbles and school...

 Night before last I realized that my sister is getting married in 2 months.  October 5th to be exact and I am doing all of the wedding decor and bouquets.  Let's just say....I'm really behind.  For some reason I thought that I still had 4 months!  DUH!  

So yesterday I spent the day decorating her wedding bubbles.  Here are all 100 bottles finished and ready!!!! 
 Here is a closeup of one of them.  It is a little hard to read but the ribbon says, "Our Wedding"  Just a simple bow tied with double wedding rings and a watermelon colored rose glued on it.  Oh and I almost forgot the added bling on the bottom!  Expect to see lots of the "bling" rhinestone stuff on her wedding things. 
 Next I guess I will work on the mother's corsages. I have Chantal's wedding bouquet finished too.  I'm not sure if I have posted a photo of it or not, I'll have to look.  

This morning makes me a little sad.  Hunter started back to school.  First day of 6th grade.  Our county starts back before any of the others around here.  He did pretty good this morning but of course I shed a few tears when the bus ran.  Yesterday was a bad day for him.  He had "meltdowns" all day!  Just unhappy about everything from school starting to the pillow on the couch was getting on his nerves.  LOL!  Just a bad day! 
 Richard is off today and is at my mom's working on building her porch roof.  I am currently upstairs in my sewing room having my coffee.  The weather has been a little cooler so I am going to clean up here before I head to mom's later.  With the heat I've just been piling things everywhere up here and now it is horrible.  


Suzan said...

Such a good sister!

Janet O. said...

My goodness, you are really covering the details, Kristie. What special bubble vials! I would have needed 2 months just to get those made!
I can't imagine the kids going to school already. We still have 3-4 weeks before our local schools start up. When does Hunter get out for the summer?

Michelle said...

Such pretty bubble bottles! That Hunter is sure growing up. Have a great weekend!