Saturday, August 24, 2013

What would it take?

 What would it take for you to choke your husband?  LOL!  The reason that I ask is...I took a nap and look what Richard did while I was asleep!!!  He set this up in my quilting room!!!!  :(
 It is probably 8ft from end to end!  So when we moved in the house everything was quickly packed and moved in the guest room that is not finished and sadly you have to step over things to get in the door.  I need to get in there and unpack everything and throw some away, most goes in the attic but the plan was to set the bed and stuff up in there along with this thing!!!  As mentioned, with everything in there this thing couldn't be set up so what does he do, he puts it in my sewing room so he can use it!  Let's just say...that I was NOT happy and I will be cleaning the guest room out real soon.  LOL!  BTW...there is an exercise bike in that room somewhere too.  LOL!  

Stopped by a yard sale Friday on the way to the grocery store and found these goodies for $1 each.  Not sure yet what I will do with the brass thing but it will probably go in my living room after I find something to go in it.  The sewing machine photo frame was just too cute.  I figure I will put it up in my sewing room.  I thought they were worth a dollar a piece. 
 I had a few extra peppers laying around so I thought I would make some sweet and spicy pepper jelly. 
 After that I made a batch of grape jelly too. 
 Hopefully tomorrow night I can get back to some sewing.  


Janet O. said...

Oh, we had a contraption similar to that around our house for a while, too. It was never my friend--always taking up space I needed for other things. I think when our boys moved out I finally persuaded them to take it down and give it to a thrift store. I hope it isn't really lurking somewhere and planning to surface again. : )
You have been a busy lady in the kitchen!

Suzan said...

See - this is the kind of stuff that happens when you take a nap!

Michelle said...

You think he put it in your quilting room because he knew you would clean out the guest room faster? ;) I wouldn't have been happy either!

Missy Shay said...

I read that and looked over at my husband and told him when we move he better not try something like that! LOL
I love pepper jelly!

Regina said...

can you turn it into a design "wall"???