Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby quilts...

I just finished up this baby quilt top!  I have 2 with deadlines and this is NOT one of them!  LOL!  This one is totally different from my usual, it is a little more modern that what I usually work with.  I have lots of bright colored and novelty scraps that are going to be making their way into baby quilts! 
 It seems like everyone around here is pregnant!  I'm always in need of baby quilts to sell or to give as gifts so I am stocking up on them.  

Here is another one in the works!  The photo is black and white but the quilt is not!  It is going to be a gift and I know as soon as she sees the colors she would know it was for her.  So right now it has to stay a secret in black and white.  :)  It will have white strips between the rows and then white borders. 
 It's been another long day.  I received a letter in the mail today from my bank stating that my card had been compromised and that they would be issuing me a new card and pin within 2 weeks.  I called the bank about it as I got to thinking that if it had been compromised I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for a new card, just cancel it NOW!  So I'm talking to the lady at the bank and she is going over incoming charges from my card and we find one that came in today.  :(  A charge out of New Mexico for $322!!!!  This is not what I needed today.  It's not like I have $322 extra to just not worry about it.  I'm stressed to the max right now.  :( I've been praying about it all day, praying for strength, patience and understanding.  


Janet O. said...

That is a very fun baby quilt--definitely out of your norm!
Were the charges on a credit or debit card? If credit, you aren't responsible, are you?

Suzan Oxenreider said...

Looking forward to seeing more of the baby quilts. This is a cool one! Isn't it a good thing that the bank noticed the breach and caught it before someone went totally crazy with your credit? All will be well.

Libby said...

LOVE the quilt! HATE credit fraud! UGH! The worst! We had money taken out last year (from China) like we have ever traveled to China! We got a horrible response from our bank so we decided to change banks. Somehow our bank forgot that WE were the victims! Good Luck and try not to stress ;) know it wont help!

Suzy said...

The quilt turned out so cute. Isn't it great how quickly these go together.

Don't worry about the charges on your compromised card. The bank takes care of it and if it gets to a certain amount, they investigate. It happened to me last year. Just remember if you have any auto pays on that card to make other payment arrangements! Thanks for visiting my page and leaving a comment. :o)