Sunday, September 14, 2014

So much going on....

Well, it's been well over a month since I last posted.  It has been a long month!  I will not bore you with every little detail but there were a few things that kept me away from blogging. 

Mom was in the hospital with what could have been a near fatal allergic reaction to something and they still don't know what it was unless it was some antibiotics that she had been taking.  Mom has been very sick for several months and had been on 6 sets of antibiotics back-to-back.  She is on the mend but still weak and not her old self yet.  

I have been a little under the weather also but so have my boys!  :(  Hunter has had strep throat but is feeling much better now.  Andrew went to a football game last night and got very sick on his way home.  We are thinking maybe a touch of food poisoning.  :(  He had a rough night but feeling a little better today.

Some good news precious sister is pregnant!!!  I couldn't be any happier if it were my own!  This is really great news as getting pregnant was questionable.  I'll not go into details as it is a little personal but I am just over the moon.  The whole family is so excited!  I'm praying so hard that things go well for her and the baby.  Don't laugh but I told her that I was pretty sure it is a boy!  LOL!  She is somewhere around 8 weeks so we don't have a clue of it's gender yet.  :)  

I have already started making some burp cloths for her.  I'll post some photos of those later.  Her best friend is also pregnant.  My sister, Chantal should be due sometime in April and her best friend is due this December.  Her friend is having a girl.  So I am in the process of making a quilt for her too.  I can't wait to get started on making quilts for my sister.  I guess whatever I would make now would have to be gender neutral.  

I also worked on some hexies while everything was going on.  Not a lot of progress to show on those.  

Tonight I started piecing a baby quilt for a dear friend of mine.  She picked out the fabrics and pattern for it.  It will go to her 1st great grandson!  How exciting is that?  So I was sewing away and thinking that it was looking pretty good until Hunter walked in and informed me that I had messed up it's head!  LOL!  I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  I stopped sewing for the night and I will pick it out and redo it tomorrow.  
Also more good news!  Richard will be changing jobs in October!!!!!  I always stress over change of any kind but this is a good change.  He loves his job where he is now but he had the opportunity to better himself so he accepted the job.  This job will be more pay, more hours, a better opportunity to move up and also better benefits!  This is something that we had been praying about for a few months.  Not praying for the new job just praying for whatever was the Lord's will.  He starts October 6th but he is also going to work at his current job as PRN so that will probably be a day or two extra a pay period from that too.  

I guess that is all for tonight as it is nearly 1am!  


ruthsplace said...

Congratulations to Richard on the new job and for your sister. A new addition to the family is always exciting!

I do hope that your mum gets back to her old self soon.

Michelle said...

You have had a lot going on. I pray your mom has a full recovery and starts feeling great again soon. Congratulations to Richard and your family on his new job, and the turtle head? Well, you were just sewing memories into that quilt!

Have a great Sunday!

Michelle said...

And also, Congratulations to Chantel and Hubby on their precious package!

Janet O. said...

So sorry about your Mom--happened to my mom once on antibiotics, too, and it is touch and go for a while. I am glad she is recovering. Good news about your Sis and about Richard's job!
How are Hunter's feet doing now?
How are you holding up through all of this, Kristie? Can you sleep? I'm worried about the one that is worrying about everyone else! Take care!! : )

Lisa said...

Missed hearing from you.