Friday, January 2, 2015

Digging Around...

 Yesterday I did some digging in the sewing room.  I have been trying to find my tumbler blocks for months.  I wasn't really looking continuously, but I am pretty good at labeling everything.  I have several UFO's and I'm not going to sit here and say that this is the year that they will be finished because I know that is not what will happen.  I do have a few that are close to being finished and some that I would like to work on.  

I pulled out my tub with the Wild & Goosey stuff in it.  This tub has lots of crumbs in it that would work perfectly for this project but is this one of those that will never get finished?  Should I just make a table runner and toss the crumbs?  Should I keep it all and finish it into a bed size quilt someday? 
 I found a tub of Churn Dash blocks!  The label on the tub said, "Churn Dash....Blocks Complete"  The blocks are all pinned into rows and some of the rows are even sewn together.  So this is one that will be left out and finished as it is soooo close. 
 Here are some bow tie blocks.  These are the blocks that I started before I made the tons of smaller ones in the Civil War fabrics.  I never was happy with these with the cheddar background and the brighter scraps so they got put aside. 
 I have 65 of these finished but I don't like them enough to finish them into a big quilt.  So I'm thinking that I will do an 8x8 setting and throw a border on it and use it as a table topper for my antique table that I have on my porch. 
 I did find my Tumbler blocks!  They were stuck in the bottom of one of the tubs.  I'm not even sure that I will work on these but I just know that I couldn't find them.  I have enough for HALF of a queen quilt. 
 Something new starting now..."Clear the Freezer"  Let me explain.  I usually try to keep my freezers full as I tend to panic over groceries.  As you know things in the freezer only lasts so long.  I have things that I have caught on sale, things that we have grown or raised and things that the boys have hunted.  We even have fish that was caught at the lake or our pond.  My family are big meat eaters so that is mostly what I have in the freezer...meat.  I will start clearing out the older stuff and fixing it as I add more things along the way.  First off...boneless pork chops.  This is what we will be having for supper tonight. 
 I'm not a fancy chef just a country wife that needs to stretch the groceries and feed the family well.  :)  Some days we may even have frozen Banquet Pot Pies but it all needs to be cleared and rotated out of the freezer.  So tonight we are having boneless pork chops, veggies and cornbread.  BTW....the cornbread is coming out of the freezer too.  I make it and freeze it so it is easy to just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds and it is ready to eat.  

I also pulled out a bag of sausage for breakfast this week.  I buy it in a 2lb roll and slice it up and throw it in the freezer.  This makes it easy and I slice it thin so that I can stretch it for more meals. 
 I'm also slowly getting my house back to normal after all of the Christmas decor is down.  I remove all of the stuff off of this cabinet so that Hunter can put up his Christmas Village out.  He loves it so much but never likes taking it down.  :)  Yesterday I got all of my stuff put back on the cabinet this was the last thing that needed to be put back. 
 That's all for this morning.  Richard left for work a little bit ago and Hunter is still in bed.  He starts back to school on Monday.  :(


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you might be more interested in the bow tie blocks if you put them in a different arrangement - amazing how different they can look. I personally don't care for the cheddar color that you used and that a lot of others use, just not a favorite color for me but I love the blocks.

Michelle said...

I love your wild and goosey blocks! Maybe you could put your cheddar blocks on ebay or etsy and make some extra quilting cash.

Its always nice to get the house back to normal, isn't it?

Janet O. said...

The Wild and Goosey blocks are wonderful. If you don't think you will finish a full quilt, by all means get a runner made and enjoy it!
How fun to find a churn dash quilt so close to a finish. I don't think there are any treasures like that hiding in my UFO boxes.
Some great "freezing tips" here Kristie! : )

Michelle said...

Wild and Goosey is quickly growing on my "want to do" list. I really don't need to start anything new!! Looks like you have some great projects to finish up this year! :)