Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pink Chevron...

 I have been prepping more hexies to work on while watching tv.  I have several that are cut and pinned but now they have been tacked and ready to sew together.  If you are wondering why I have a thermometer on the tray...Richard has been sick.  He had a couple rough nights but is feeling much better now, just weak and still no appetite.  Anyway, this tray works really well when working on my hexies and it just keeps everything together. 
 I have not posted for a few days and I have been doing very little sewing.  I am having issues with my BP again.  :(  I have an appointment on Friday.  This was my BP the other morning and I take 2 BP pills a day. 
 This was the next day....when my BP runs high like this it just makes me feel like poo. 
 Today I did sew a few more blocks for the Chevron quilt.  I just put the border pieces up on the design wall to see how it was going to look. 
 I have a few more blocks to make and then I will get it all sewn together. 
 Here is an up close shot of the fabric. 
 That is all that I have accomplished the past few days.  :(  Andrew was supposed to be home Monday but he called and said there was a change in plans and he will be home Tuesday.  I sure miss him!  Then he informed me that he is going to Nashville this coming weekend to a concert!  :(  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hope you can get your blood pressure under control - have you tried exercise and loosing weight (if needed) sometimes I have heard people can go off of all their medications if they -- good luck to you and hope it isn't the flu for Richard

Janet O. said...

Oh, dear, Kristie--Richard sick, Andrew away, and you with elevated BP. Doesn't sound like fun! Hope you can get that BP under control soon.
Your pink chevron quilt is very happy, and I think your organizing tray for your hexies is smart. Keeps things together and neat.
I'll be praying for you!

Deb A said...

Yikes! I hope you are able to get the BP down so you feel better again.

Regina said...

I love those hexies!!!
Hope Friday's appointment gave you some direction to go to get that BP down!!!