Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pink Chevron...

 I made some progress yesterday!  I finished the quilting on this baby quilt.  
 I have the binding cut.  Now I just need to get the binding sewn on before Saturday and also finish up my puff quilt. 
 While I was working on all of this, I needed a small break so I grabbed my bow ties that were beside my machine and assembled 20 more blocks.  I'm loving this quilt and I hope to have it completely assembled real soon.  I need 120 of these blocks and that will be a total of 1080 of those little 3" bow ties! 
 We had more busted water pipes today!  :(  I'm sure that is not exactly what Richard wanted to work on when he got home late this evening.  The weather here in KY has just been crazy.  It is getting a little depressing but I keep trying to remind myself that spring will be here soon and we usually don't have weather like this in KY.  It could always be worse.  

On this day 22 years ago at 9:25pm, I gave birth to my first born son, Andrew.  I was in a bad marriage at the time but my world forever changed for the better.  He was and still is my world.  We stuck together like glue back in those days and to this day we have a bond that is so very strong.  I am so proud of him and the young man that he has become.  My boys are my world and I can't imagine life without them.  Soooo...here is a photo of Andrew at 10 months old...1st. Christmas.  Those eyes still light up my world.  
Here he is when Richard and I got married.  He walked me down the isle.  In this photo he is standing beside Richard's brother, Claude.  It was funny, they stood there the whole time talking about monster trucks as that was what Andrew as obsessed with at the time.  Richard and I were laughing the whole time because as we were saying our vows we could hear Andrew talking about those monster trucks. 
Richard has to work again today.  So Hunter and I will just try to deal with the snow and cold temps....I will do a little sewing and he will do a lot of eating!  LOL!  Wow!  He has officially hit that eating stage that boys hit when they want to eat you out of house and home!  :)  


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

happy birthday to your son - that looks like a nice outdoor scene for a wedding - I'm sure it will warm up this is so unusual for the south to stay cold this long and for you to have more broken water pipes wow - I feel for you -

Janet O. said...

The baby quilt is very cute.
That is a lot of little bow tie blocks, Kristie. Do you plan to put the blocks of 4 side-by-side, or are you thinking of sashing them?
Such a cute photo of Andrew--does he love it? : )
I'm glad you found happiness with Richard. So fun to hear the back story behind the wedding.
More broken pipes? Ouch! Spring can't come soon enough, right?

Gayle said...

Cute little chevron quilt. It's interesting that you can make that design using either HSTs or strips, huh? I'm thinking I'd like to make a bow tie quilt using a black background to make all the colors pop - how come I want to make everything that YOU make? I think you're a bad influence (smile).

Deb A said...

Happy belated birthday to Andrew. Hope you and Hunter are keeping toasty warm.