Friday, May 22, 2015

Playing with a few stars...

I've been playing with a few more stars while working on my hexies.  I figure I will just throw a few of these in between my hexies once in a while.  They are fun and don't take near as long as the Lucy Boston blocks. 
It is fun to see the designs that the fabric makes in these shapes. 
I figure I will fussy cut some and then just piece some that are not fussy cut as I don't have a ton of fabric that can be fussy cut.  Most of mine is just random prints. 
So it's Friday evening and I am home alone.  :(  Richard and Andrew are both working and Hunter went fishing out on the lake after school with my BIL.  Hunter has 3 more days of school left!  I love having him home.  It is hard to believe that he will be in the 8th grade this fall.  

I got to babysit Addison for an hour or so last night!  We all spoil her.  I snapped a few photos of how she melts these big tough guy hearts.  Here she is with Andrew...
And with Richard... (yep I know, I need to trim the strings on my pillows.  LOL)
Sadly they hogged all of the time with her and I didn't get to hold her much.  

Prayers for my little 6 yr old nephew, Gabe.  He crashed his motorcycle and injured his knee.  Nothing is broken but he has a bruise on the bone and some muscle issues.  He can't stand to walk on it at all.  He and his brother are little daredevils!  Hopefully it will not take him too long to heal.
I'm off to finish up supper


Janet O. said...

You've created some beautiful stars!
Funny how men can melt around a baby girl. : )
I hope Gabe heals quickly and maybe he learned something from this experience. Well, probably not. He is a little boy and they feel invincible!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I hate to see young children on the motorcycles and all terrain vehicles I know a lot of people let the young ones ride them (some in my family too) but I hate it I always worry someone will get hurt - hope he will be ok. Love the little baby she is getting plenty of love!