Sunday, May 3, 2015

Prom, Tractors, and Hexies!

 Saturday evening Hunter had his 7th/8th grade Prom/Social. baby is growing up on me.  He looked so handsome!  Of course, I cried....I'm a crier!  LOL!  Richard was off this weekend so he helped him get dressed and ready.  This is a big change for a young man that as dressed up as he gets is jeans and a button up.  LOL!
 Let me tell you this little story about his tux and stuff.  We went last week and ordered his tux, I posted about that a post or two back.  He didn't have a date and just planned on going alone as a lot of them were.  I told him that since he he was going alone he could pick out any color of vest and tie that he he picked "aqua" and I thought he looked very handsome in it.  :) 
 Sooooo....he comes home from school on FRIDAY (the prom was SATURDAY) so on Friday he comes home and says, "mom, I have a date for the prom"  I freaked!  LOL!  I told him, " all will NOT match and you should have thought of this before we ordered your tux"  What was done was done so we just made the best of it.  Saturday about an hour before he had to get dressed he talked to the little girl and she said her dress was "AQUA"  LOL!  How cool was that???  Anyway, they had a lovely time.  I snapped this photo right before they got on the bus and headed to their destination.  :)
 Richard was off work this past weekend and poor guy...he had a rough weekend.  His tractor had been down but he fixed it a few weeks ago to get it ready for "hay season"   He was doing a little work around the farm when the engine made a noise and the motor died.  :(  He is a mechanical person, thank goodness.  He checked it out and he told me that it "spun a rod"  whatever that means.  All I know is that it is about $400-$500 to fix it.  :(    So what does he do???  He starts taking it apart as he had to pull the motor.  So right now we are in a pickle!!!  We usually do our first cutting of hay on Memorial Day weekend.    So this is how it sits at the moment.  LOL!
 Another section...
 More tractor parts....
 Under this tarp is the motor that he has in a million pieces! 
 And yet another piece....  Poor guy he is a little depressed.  :(  He said that sometimes he feels like the harder he tries the worse it gets.  Hay cutting season is a very important time for us as we need it for our farm animals. 
 So with all of this stuff over the weekend, I did manage to sew 10 hexie units!  :)  That was my stress reliever!
 I'll leave you with a photo of my precious niece!  :)  Poor baby girl is not feeling well tonight.  Love her soooo much. 
I have a long week ahead...I'll post as I can...


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

your son looked wonderful for his party and the little baby so cute. Sorry for the tractor problems and hope all goes well in fixing it - your husband is a nurse/farmer/and mechanic - what talent!

Janet O. said...

Amazing how they matched so well!
What a challenge on the tractor. Can't believe all Richard can do!
Cute, cute little babe. : )

Mary Ann said...

Oh my son would be in heaven with that tractor. He loves rebuilding and restoring tractors. However when it's time to cut hay he calls his wife and she does a happy dance, climbs in the air conditioned tractor, turns on the stereo and cuts away. Something is wrong with this picture I think; however, I did like to use the tractor too when we had a farm. Smile, it will all work out. Keep sewing and tell him go man, go. LOL
Mary Ann