Thursday, September 3, 2015

Busy, busy, busy...

 Yesterday was a much better day than Wednesday!  Thank God!  :)  I had a rather busy day actually.  I worked on my dishes and laundry that piled up from the day of not having water.  

I also made some hairbows!  Some of these are for Addison and some are going to be for sale.  I have several more to make. 
 A couple of days ago I dehydrated some tomatoes and I forgot to post about them.  I honestly just needed a break from canning but I didn't want the tomatoes to go to waste so I dehydrated them. 
 Then I ground them up to tomato powder!  So many uses for this...soup base, tomato paste, tomato sauce, stews, chili, etc. 
 I also dehydrated some parsley too.  I have more that needs to be dehydrated and ground up. 
 Right now I have potato slices in the dehydrator.  I'll post photos when those are done.  

Now my wonderful news!!!!  The Community of Sharing Program scheduled my hexie class for September 8th and it is already FULL!  :)  YAY!!!!  I feel so Blessed!  Then......I got a message from the saying that I was approved for another class to be taught near the senior apartments so that they could attend.  No date yet but should have the date in a few days.  Also with the possibility of another class in Fallsburg, which is another little town in our county.  I'm so very excited about this.  I don't think I have ever had so much fun.  So I need to assemble more kits!  I have to make a trip to Ashland next week so I will stop by Hobby Lobby and pick of more of the blue and red fabrics that I am using in the kits.  
I'll be sure to post photos from the class on Tuesday.   The private class was cancelled but that's okay, no problems. 


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

so glad your water is working again - I hadn't thought to dry my excess tomatoes - what a great idea. I actually still have more growing in the garden they have slowed down though and going very slowly now. that is great news on your classes - just don't overload yourself so you don't have time for your own quilting!!

Janet O. said...

You are such a good steward with the bounties the Lord provides!
I am so happy for you about your teaching opportunities. If I was close enough, I'd sign up. I'm sure you could teach me a thing or two!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Congratulations on more classes ... what fun it must be to share your love for EPP and hexies. I think you should see about a follow-up class - if for just some show and tell. I would have never thought of drying tomatoes. Perhaps we'll dry some tomatoes if we have better luck with our garden next summer.