Monday, September 14, 2015

Making progress....

Another block for my "Remember" quilt.  I'm loving this so far!  Sunday I switched back and forth between this quilt and my Trail Mix.  Both are by Edyta Sitar.  
 I got 100 of my 176 diamonds cut for the Trail Mix quilt. 
 Now to finish the last 76 diamonds, I have to do a little bit of piecing.  Let me explain how I will get these.  The pattern tells how to do this.  When cutting the diamonds from my strips, I have leftover scraps.  (see below)
 Cut those apart and you get two triangle shapes.  You then take a scrap strip that is the same size as the strips in the strip set and sew between the two triangles.  This then gives you a larger diamond shape.  Take the template and cut out the exact diamond shape.  No waste!
 After cutting my 100 diamonds I am left with a big pile of triangles that need to be pieced as mentioned above, then cut to size. 
 I ended up getting a lot of sewing time in yesterday!  Richard worked all day.  Andrew being the wonderful big brother that he is, took Hunter to the drag races.  So I was home alone until 7:30pm.  I made simple healthy tacos for supper which did not take too long to prepare.  I made two versions...extremely lean beef and chicken which I used a jar of my chicken breast that I canned a week or so ago. 


Janet O. said...

Two exciting projects going on here, Kristie.
Your two blocks are so pretty. I'm impresses with your progress there.
That is a very smart way to use up the trimmings to get more diamonds.
Like you, I love having my family around me, but sometimes a day alone to sew can be very therapeutic.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you are moving right along on your quilts and they are looking good - your meal sounds great - even though I have to pay more for it I get the lean beef rather than the one full of fat

Gayle said...

I love string quilts and yours looks like it's going to be a good one! Lucky you to get so much accomplished over the weekend!