Saturday, July 30, 2016

New quilt and more blocks!

 I know you are shaking your head but I started a new quilt.  LOL!  Actually, I think this one will go rather quickly.  No pattern really but just a traditional block that can be made any size.  This one is made from 2.5" squares, 2.5" HST, and the sashings are 2.5"x8.5"  I have a bolt of the blue so I figured that I would use if for the sashings.   Totally different from what I usually would use for sashings.
 I also made 10 more Garlic Knot blocks.  This take my total up to 61.  I think I will need 120 of them. 
 I had a really good sewing day.  

I took Hunter to get his Freshman schedule.  :(  Breaks my heart that my baby will be starting high school next week.  We start early here because we miss so many snow days during the winter.  School starts August 3rd.  We had to pick up his schedule, pay book and locker fees, and also walk around and try to find his classes.  Shew....

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---"Love" said...

I think the blue sashings will be perfect! ---"Love"