Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Wall Is Up!!!!!!

Another hot and humid day here on Top Of The World! As you know from the previous post we tried to get the big 12x20 ft wall up yesterday and couldn't. We might have been able to if it had been just a regular 2x4 wall but it's not, it's made from 6x6's!!! So this morning a friend of Richard's called and said he was coming when he came, it was him, his son and his two grandsons!!! We put them to work!!!! :) So here you see them standing the wall!!! Still have to build the other half and have help standing it too.
After they left, Richard did some more sawing down at the sawmill. He did put up one rafter on the end! It feels sooooooooo good to start putting on the rafters!!! So here is the 2nd story from a few different views!

I haven't really accomplished much today, I've done a few hours of handquilting on my Great Grandmother's quilt top. It is very scappy and some of the points and seams don't meet up and it makes it a little hard to quilt but I still love it. As I work on it, I wonder where she got her scraps, were they from clothing, other quilts or where? And I also wonder what was going on in her life at that time, what was she thinking and why she never finished it... I guess these are things that I will never know but I will always wonder.
I am thinking that I might try one of the VERY simple DJ applique blocks tonight. I have been very nervous about these applique blocks but I will have to do them sooner or later so why not start with a very easy one!!!! I will let you know how it goes.....


Carla said...

How wonderful for you to have your Great Grandmother's quilt! I haven't any family quilts and wish so much that I did. I'm trying to make sure that my kids and their kids have something from me.

The house is looking good!


Cindy said...

Oh, YEAH!!!!! It's looking great! Is it going to have that barn look?? I love it :0) You are brave to quilt your Great Grandma's quilt. I have about seven pieced quilts from both sides of my family from about 75 years ago and many people have told me they are too fragile to quilt. The fabric wouldn't stand the stress very well. Love what your doing with the hand quilting though. Looks great :0)

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

The house is really coming along. It's so pretty nestled in the trees like that. Won't it be wonderful when it's done! I'm excited for you.

Michelle said...

Woo hoo, Kristie! It is really beginning to take shape. If I were you, it would be hard for me to hold down my excitement!

What a wonderful thing you are doing with your grandmother's quilt. If quilts could talk, I wonder what they would tell us.


Belvie said...

What a special quilt to be working on! Who cares if the points and seams aren't perfect. It's just so wonderful to have the memory of one who came long before you.

The house is really coming along. Here's hoping the next wall goes up easier.

Amelia said...

That is wonderful you are handquilting the old quilt...just adds to the specialness (if there is such a word) of this quilt. A 80 plus year old lady gave me some blocks her mother had made years ago and I put them in a quilt...wild colors - misplaced points etc...but I added to it with scraps and handquilted it. I too would like to know the full history behind it.

House is looking great!


jillquilts said...

Oh, that is so cool! You have walls!!!

Guðrún said...

I love to see the progress on your house.