Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Working on my Dear Jane...

I don't have alot to show but it sure took me long enough to get them done. I decided last night to work on my Dear Jane. This is all of the blocks that I have done...8! So I have a looooong way to go. In this first photo, most of these I made last month, the applique block I did last night. It is far from perfect but it was my first attempt at turn needle applique. So that is why there is no close up of it.

This block is A-1 Pinwheel Gone Awry. I did this one today! It is paper pieced and I used scraps from my Civil War Diary Quilt. In the photo it looks like my tips are cut off but I just cropped the photo too much.
Not sure if I will try another DJ block or start on another Civil War Diary block tonight. I am keeping them both together since I am using the same fabrics. The blocks are different sizes so that keeps them seperate.

Hunter will be 6 Monday!!! We are having him a small party on Saturday. Nothing major just family and one of his friends gets to spend the night with him. He is so excited this is the first time that he has had one of his friends to stay over. We are planning a small cookout with cake and ice cream. I told everyone we would start around 6pm that way maybe it will cool off some by then.


Guðrún said...

I am sure it would be fine to show us close up pictures of your applique, you are such a great quilter.

Norma said...

I love to look at these finely detailed blocks cuz there are none at my house! You get so much done that I feel like a real couch potato.

Happy Birthday to Hunter!

Amelia said...

Happy Birthday to Hunter.

Your blocks looks seem to be able to handle any kind of block the patterns are quite the talented lady.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!

I also love your blocks. I hope to get started on my Civil War Diary quilt in the next few weeks! Then after that I will tackle Dear Jane!

Suzie said...

Happy Birthday to Hunter!

Your DJ blocks look so pretty! I plan to work on my CW blocks again next week, I bought some reproduction fabrics and that is one more reason to sew some blocks!

QuiltedSimple said...


You are kicking butt with getting things done - WAY TO GO!!!