Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Neighbors

As I mentioned before our tractor is down and we had handloaded 5 of these railroad ties. Then our good neighbor drove past the house and then in a few minutes here he came with his BIG loader!!!! The photo is dark because it was getting late, but he had all of them loaded in about 5 minutes!!! Thank God for good neighbors!!!! We will be taking this load of railroad ties off in the morning. Wish us luck on getting a good price!

No quilting for me today! My schedule has changed alot since Richard is no longer driving a big truck. He is working here at home at the sawmill, so I teased him that I also work a part-time job at the sawmill too. I have to help load the logs, stack the lumber that comes off, and help drag the ties off the mill. This and do my other housewife duties!!! I'm not complaining, I know it is life and I am enjoying the time that Richard and I get to spend together even if we are working. I know that I stay busy but he works so much harder than I do. I know his back is hurting, he hasn't said anything but I can tell by the way he is walking. But he is not a complainer!!!

I hope to get a few more blocks done on my Love Letter quilt before mom comes home on the 10th. She teased that she wanted me to have the top completed, but that is not going to happen! Mom will be coming home on the 10th which is also my sister's 24th birthday!


Amelia said...

That was wonderful of your neighbor to lend a hand and a machine.

Here's wishing that you get a great price on the logs tomorrow.

I agree about schedules changing when there is a man around...not that Leon demands I spend the time right by his side...but a lot of time I want to be where he is...we spent so much time apart when he was the truck driver and gone a week at a time.


Gizmo said...

Thank goodness for your neighbor, and great wishes for tomorrow.

Enjoy your time with Richard. Working or not - you're together, and that's always special.

I'm sure you'll get closer to your goal before your Mom returns. Maybe not the whole top, but perhaps all the blocks?? ;)

Hazel said...

Isn't it nice to have good neighbors ,I'm sure that saved you a lot of back breaking work .
My schedule changes completely when Stan is home ,which isn't often ,so we take advantage of the time and spend every minute together .

KyQuiltlady said...

I'm so glad to know your neighbor has a good heart and helped you. That will give your backs a rest. Hope you get good price on the logs.

I am sure you will get the blocks done soon. You work so hard on them. I don't think I could stay with it as long as you have.

Carol VR said...

What a back breaking job. I hope things turn around for you soon.

QuiltedSimple said...

Oh I hope you get top dollar for the railroad ties - aren't good neighbors the best???? Enjoy your time together!

Michelle said...

Blessings come in all forms, dont they? Have a wonderful day, sweetie!

Norma said...

How great to have neighbors who are there to lend a hand when you need it. I admire you both for doing it the hard way though.

Hang in there!