Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Blocks!

Here are my latest blocks! I still need one more before I can sew my 2nd row together. And a total of 34 more blocks to finish my quilt. I am slowing making my way to the end.

Yesterday Hunter had Flag Football signups at school. It was really short notice. He gets home from school at 4:30pm and had a letter from school saying that signups were at 6pm. He really wanted to join but I told him that if it cost alot then we couldn't do it right now. So Richard and I took him over there and signed him up, it only cost $6 and that was for some kind of insurance stuff that they HAD to buy. Their uniforms will be furnished by the school, which is great! But their uniforms are just shirts and sweat pants. This is Flag football so no tackling!!!! He is soooo excited! I will have to take photos!

Right now the boys are mad at me, they are cleaning their room. I told them that anything that was in the floor was going in the garbage!! They are messy little bugers!


KyQuiltlady said...

I just love those blocks! Can't wait to see it put together. I know it will be a heirloom. I have been sewing my stack n whack together or the 4 patch posies.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens said...

And that is the best way to get them to clean up! Stick to it Mom! When we did that, I put some toys in a bag and acted like I threw it away.... waited...told them if it ever happened again, it would be thrown away. That seemed to work!

Love your blocks. You are making such great progress.

The Quilting Pirate said...

LOL great way to have them clean their careful though, they might say that back at ya to cleaning your sewing area LOL

You are rolling on these blocks!

rachel griffith said...

34 more to go!!!

the greatest way to get them to clean!!!

Lurline's Place said...

More great blocks, Kristie. Boys will be boys - make them tidy-up and give them lots of love!
Hugs - Lurline.

Pati said...

Gorgeous blocks! Be glad you don't have girls! Mine are worse than the boys ever were....LOL!!

Hugs, Pati

Jen said...

You'll be done with those blocks in NO time! They look fantastic as always.

Julia said...

gorgeous blocks Kristie!

make them tidy up a bit and enjoy them, they grow up too quickly..
Hugs julia

QuiltedSimple said...

How pretty they are! And I laugh about cleaning their rooms - what a great way to ensure it gets done. The first time I did that, the kids both freaked when I went in there with a trash bag - now they really do try to keep everything picked up....