Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lots of photos!

Here are a couple of photos of some of our property where we have been cutting timber! Right now Richard is cutting and hauling them out to the sawmill to cut up for Railroad ties! We will work on cutting up the tree tops later. I have my own chainsaw so I will cut up alot of them for firewood. We use the firewood through the Winter in the fireplace and try not to use the furnace so much.

This is a photo of Hunter and Donkey on the couch last night! I was trying to get a photo of Hunter sleeping, he sleeps with his eyes half open! But it didn't really show up very well in the photo.

This evening was Hunter's fishing day with his Cub Scout group. We all met at the lake for the boys to fish. Good thing we only live less than 5 minutes from the lake. We had a great time, I only wish that Andrew had been with us. Andrew went to his dad's for the weekend. :( Hunter had a wonderful time, I took lots of photos of him and Richard and some of the lake.

And finally last night, I got a chance to sew another block for my Love Letter quilt. This now makes me 91 blocks, I just didn't have the energy to do anymore. I hope to get back to work on it tonight.

So now, I'm off to fix a later supper and maybe do a little bit of sewing!


Julia said...

beautiful photos Kristie..
Hunter is a real cutie, love that photo of him with Donkey..
Another great block, your well on the way to getting them done..

jillytacy said...

Great photos! The photo of Hunter and his dad fishing at the lake is precious! It sounds like you're having a good weekend. We're having a rainy weekend!!!

Amelia said...

Loved all the photos...especislly the ones at the lake...looks like a great place to go fishing...did they catch anything?

That picture of Hunter and Donkey is just adorable...two cute little fellas.

Hugs from Oklahoma


Gizmo said...

The lake looks great. Did they catch anything??
When we had a fireplace, we did the same thing! I actually liked it better. We don't have a fireplace now, and I sure miss it.
Another block -- YEAH!!!

Michelle said...

What beautiful pictures of the lake. Thanks for sharing. That Hunter sure is a cutie.

craftycherry said...

Gorgeous lake!! I look forward to seeing your blocks and have found out where to get the patterns here in Nz! Very excited about this but they intimidate me as well!
Crafty cherry

Hazel said...

Oh my ,talk about Gods country ,that is beautiful scenery .That little boy of yours is sure a sweetheart .

KyQuiltlady said...

Beautiful pictures of Hunter, Richard and the lake. Yesterday was perfect weather for it. That will be good four wheeling trails you all are making with logging. You did good to have energy to do a block afterwards.

Guðrún said...

What a beautiful day this has been, the weather so good and the scenery gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

What a view! I wish I were fishing with him!

Sara said...

Looks like you have a lot of work cut out for you with those trees and the clearing. We have NO trees, which I would love to have some! The pictures of Hunter and Richard at the lake are beautiful, J also sleeps with his eyes partly open. It freaks everyone else out!

The Quilting Pirate said...

I love seeing your pictures!! Just breath taking and Donkey and Hunter are precious!!

91 blocks! WOW!!

QuiltedSimple said...

What a pretty lake - and how great to have it so close to you! You have a lot of work ahead of you - but won't it be nice not paying for heat for your house this winter????